And finally I´m late…

So, I´m late posting my weekly post after having it out there mostly early and always on time for 26 weeks in a row (and thanks to my wonderful guide, Sandra, for the praise) – the funniest part here being that I actually started the work way early (on Monday) by recording this video:

And between The Marvelous Maria and myself being busy manifesting this part of an earlier DMP – this trip was actually in my first draft for the MK, though I couldn´t be specific enough about it and so I left it out, knowing that somehow it would all turn out right anyway – I experienced a major lack of internet connection.
No matter where we were looking for wifi, it either didn´t connect or was to amazingly slow to be worth dealing with – most of the time I couldn´t even find cell phone coverage.

Which, my friend, of course means that we were far enough “off” to really enjoy peace in nature and amazingly enough (for me, at least…) I wasn´t the slitest stressed out about being late.

The point here, though, is in the picture below of the dreamboard I had on the wall before I even started the MK experience:


And even if I don´t have the equipment to get this finish anyone must admit that a few of the pictures on there:

GrandCanyon_3 GrandCanyon_2 GrandCanyon_1

show the same part of the world as in my album from this trip here.

So, if this was manifested effortlessly just because I had carried these pics in my mind long enough for the subconscious to start attracting them, and if (which I´m convinced of…) the process of going through the MK experience greatly enhanced the speed of their manifestation – it stands to imagine how much faster one can manifest a DMP that actually builds on the right principles AND utilizes the methods taught during the course!

It´s said that “curiosity killed the cat” – won´t You agree that it also brought about most of the goodies we see in the world today?
Will You get curious of what You can manifest?

I hope so 😉 !!!

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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10 thoughts on “And finally I´m late…

  1. Erwin Vanslembrouck

    fantastic Claes ! definitely worth the wait 🙂 I’ve been deliberately “out of reach” for a while, trying to find some peace in the midst of the city, but that doesn’t even come close to those amazing environments you are experiencing… Definitely most inspiring. Peace to you and the Marvelous Maria.

    1. Claes Wallenberg Post author

      Thank You, Erwin, good for you that You could get “off” a bit though You´re in the city.
      We´re really having a blast here and the nature is so amazing!

      Take care, my friend!

  2. Lance Botha

    Great to be following your trip as you live out your dream. Enjoy every moment the 2 of you.

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  4. george pauli

    Love it! Utah is so beautiful and peaceful. I’ll catch up with you in kauai.
    and the motorcycle, is it a Buel?

    1. Claes Wallenberg Post author

      Looking forward to see You in Phoenix soon, George!
      I´ve got two bikes on there, a green Triumph Tiger and a white Ducati Monster 1000 – gotta be ready for countryside and city, right ;-)?!

  5. Sandra Owen

    Great post and thank you for the mention. Lovely to see your journey and the pics! I am so happy that you and the Marvellous Maria have been able to enjoy some of the wonderful things on your DMP and I look forward to reading as your journey continues. It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know you and I am certain our paths will continue to cross way into the future. 🙂 Bravo to the both of you.


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