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Assignments for the MKMMA Course

Master Key Week 5 – My favorite “fix” is…

A few months ago I wrote a post on the latest take on addiction (You can check that one out here!) and that topic was actualized by last weeks Master Key webinar and really got my head spinning!

Have You ever asked Yourself why You do certain things?
Yes, I mean the things that are not particularly good for us, maybe even potentially get us into trouble or could hurt us!

I certainly have and last week on the plane I watched the movie “What the Bleep do we know”, took a break in the middle, went into a sit and… Drumroll… There it was – the answer!!!

Finally I know which peptides I´ve been addicted to that have served me the worse in during my adult life – not a bad pay of for a few minutes in silence – after a few years of diligent self discovery – ok, call me a slow learner 😉

I´m deeply and habitually addicted to the feeling of getting away with it!

What “it”? You might ask… Any “it”

Some “its” are good, some are bad, some are ugly and some outright destructive, as long as I can get away with “it”, I´m in the game!

Let me give You a little background (yup, might be lengthy – bear with me…):

I don´t know how familiar You are with Dr Taylor Hartman and the Color Code but if You haven´t heard about it, I highly recommend You check it out. Dr Hartman developed a method to determine our core motive, that is what really drives us. There are basically four different kinds of core motives that are represented by the colors red (Power), blue (Intimacy), white (peace)  and yellow (fun) and You can take the free test to determine Your color here!
It takes about 30-40 min and is well worth the time.
Frankly the Color Code contributed to me and my marvelous wife getting married and has done more for my own understanding of myself and my interactions with others than anything else I studied through the years!

On a CD introducing the Color Code system Dr Hartman says something to the regard of (and I´m paraphrasing here):

If You are a red spouse married to a blue spouse and receive a yellow child You know that God is having a good laugh!

I used to make jokes about it not being too much fun for the yellow child either, having been born into that constellation myself.
My father was an extremely controlling red who´s physical challenges with health and inability to feel and be satisfied with his own accomplishments seriously affected the health of his color, my mother is a worry-prone blue who makes the real intimacy she craves impossible to attain due to her generally negative and worry-some approach to life.
And, no, I´m not picking on my parents here, they did their best and I hold them in high regard for that. I have no idea how messed up my life would be if my family had been functional ;-), and, BTW, show me a non-dysfunctional family…

It´s just immensely liberating to know what caused the way I work and function, I don´t know about You, though I think most of us struggle with feelings of “not being enough” or “not being good enough” at some point.
Without being even close to a conspiracy theorist I´m convinced that this is actually (planned or by accident I don´t know…) programmed into our blueprint at an early age.
You know, for example, how the teacher points out what´s “wrong” in a test and doesn´t count the “right” answers, what we like to call “the red pencil syndrome”.

Anyway, knowing that this addiction developed out of a completely logical and actually (at the time) crucial need for survival makes it a lot easier to accept it and even embrace it.

Funny enough,as the insight brings the mechanism behind certain subconscious behaviors into the conscious realm it also makes it possible for “the watchman at the gate” to do his work properly. The power of that addiction on the cellular level can be broken as suddenly I have a choice that I didn´t have while I didn´t know there was a choice to make.
As long as something is driven by subconscious habits that we are not aware of, there´s virtually nothing we can do to break the habit, and this changes the moment we are finally willing and able to observe ourselves enough to become aware of that subconscious habit.

I don´t know if I would ever have been able to see this pattern in myself if not for the exercises I have been (and still am) practicing because of the Master Key Experience. Maybe, maybe not…

What I do know is that I´m filled with gratitude towards the material and especially towards myself for my commitment and dedication to pursue this journey of self discovery.
And I can´t wait for the next layer of self to be revealed to me in the silence that more and more evolves into my “real” reality.

So, what is the favorite “fix” for Your cells?

Want to find out? Join the experience by leaving Your details below, they´re safe with me, I do not need to “get away” with things anymore 😉 !

Mahalo for visiting my blog, please leave a comment below if You have anything to share and tell Your friends if You like this!

I appreciate You!

What´s Your thing?

Being close to nature has always been important to me and one way to keep my sanity in a world that sometimes has been to filled with stress, demands and other peoples agendas for me.
Just a week or two in the relative solitude You can experience while hiking a mountain range were not to many people set their feet each year has always done it for me and finding out that my wife, the Marvelous Maria, shares my passion for nature was of course a large bonus in our relationship.

So, this year we wanted to do something special and now, when this post hits the air we´ve been out for 4 weeks and are heading back to civilization tomorrow. Hopefully we´re right now in (or really closed to) Abisko in Lappland were we plan to spend the last night before returning.

In the next post I will share what four entire weeks of the grid ment for us and until then I wish You all the best, please enjoy the short video!

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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It´s all about growth

So how come the Master Key Experience represents such a break through for many members?
Why do more and more people spread the hashtags #MasterKeyExperience, #NothingLikeIt and #TheresNothingLikeIt on social media?

Well, first let us look at what drives hundreds and even thousands of people, of whom many never ever wrote a blog before (among them myself) to start posting every week for six months and beyond.
Of course it´s a requirement, and I think that´s why many people do it in the beginning, though from personal experience I can say that my reason shifted fairly early during the course because I felt that it really worked.
My focus moved because of the different lessons and exercises we went through and i felt that my life started to change for the better, I was growing!

So, having been a customer and explorer of the “self-help” industry and into personal development for quite a few years – what was the difference?

At first I neither understood nor appreciated it, though later during the course my perception changed and with increased understanding it occurred to me that  the real value of the Master Key Experience and as You can see from the video there are quite some challenges when trying to make changes and that´s why I (and I think many with me) never really followed through before while working on my own.

The biggest game changer for me with the MK was that it finally provided an environment for change and a group of like minded individuals working towards similar ends.
An environment that does not only allow us to grow but actually facilitates growth – and everybody knows that growth is our natural state and we feel our best when we are growing!

If You think about that, it´pretty close to Hills definition of a true mastermind which to me explain the effectiveness of the course!

I cannot recommend highly enough that You give Yourself the gift of joining the next course and if it was a long time ago You learned new material and You think You might get overwhelmed, then rest assured that Your guide and other members will be there for You.

BTW, if the bird below can figure out that puzzle, for sure we can figure out our own lives and what we want them to be like 😀

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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How to know what we really thought

I don´t know if You´re familiar with Michael Dooley, the guy behind the tiny daily newsletter ”Thoughts from the Universe” but I personally really like his stuff. It´s often funny (not all newsletters are), thought worthy (pretty few are) and true (that´s rare in todays world) and sometimes he hits me with something that really makes me stop in my tracks and focus for quite a while – that´s why its so good to check our email after all the important stuff is done… Sometimes (or rather often) we get distracted.
What distracted me this time was:

“Your physical senses give you many perks, Claes: smelling the flowers, sipping the cocoa, reading the funnies, and feeling the velvet, to name just a few. But perhaps their greatest gift lies in presenting you with the opportunity to assess the world around you at any given point in your life, to compare what you think you’ve been thinking to what you’ve really been thinking.”

Wait a second, read that again…

“Your physical senses give you many perks, Claes: smelling the flowers, sipping the cocoa, reading the funnies, and feeling the velvet, to name just a few. But perhaps their greatest gift lies in presenting you with the opportunity to assess the world around you at any given point in your life, to compare what you think you’ve been thinking to what you’ve really been thinking.

So what is really said here is that looking at our lives as they are today are showing us what and how our thoughts were in the past, giving us an awesome opportunity to evaluate what worked and what did not. Not in the sense of the world, just compared to how we wished/hoped/planned to live our life.
Not only can we make this analysis, we can also pretty easily figure out what part of our thinking to keep and which thoughts we need to replace with ones that serve our purpose better.

Maybe 10 years agoI discovered James Allens book ”As a Man Thinketh” and read in it now and then over the years and as it is recommended reading in the Master Key Experience i picked it up again and for the last month or so I´ve read parts of it quite often and would like to share a few paragraphs.

“Thought and character are one, and as character can only manifest and discover itself through environment and circumstance, the outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to be harmoniously related to his inner state. This does not mean that a man’s circumstances at any given time are an indication of his entire character, but that those circumstances are so intimately connected with some vital thought-element within himself that, for the time being, they are indispensable to his development.

Man is buffeted by circumstances so long as he believes himself to be the creature of outside conditions, but when he realizes that he is a creative power, and that he may command the hidden soil and seeds of his being out of which circumstances grow; he then becomes the rightful master of himself.”

So, as soon as we realize that our thoughts are the cause and our circumstances are the effects we can start replacing the ones that lead us away from where we want to go with such that supports our goals and dreams and with focus this process can be fairly quick and easy!

“Every thought brings into action certain physical tissue, parts of the brain, nerve
or muscle. This produces an actual physical change in the construction of the
tissue. Therefore it is only necessary to have a certain number of thoughts on a
given subject in order to bring about a complete change in your physical
Charles Haanel, “The Master Key System” Part XXVII:24

The Master Key Experience provides us with an array of tools and methods to do just that and here´s an idea on how and why it works.

Just imagine to be part of an environment where everyone works to adjust their though habits to better serve their purpose!
Do You think it would encourage You?

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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A new take on addictions

Early in the MasterKeyExperience we learn about how we get addicted to certain peptides that carry certain information and induce certain feelings in our brains and bodies.
Don´t know about You but for me the term “addiction” hits a cord that´s not even close to positive or even neutral and always experienced a hard time relating to the word. Also I always connected it with substances or weird behaviors and so I was relieved and gained a lot of understanding by watching  this video I found and that showed me that, not only can I make a long list of things and behaviors I am or have been addicted to, more importantly it taught me the reason for those addictions and showed me how easy it is to love myself in spite of them (clue: just by signing up for the early notification You´d demonstrate self love by taking action to advance Yourself) and for me it was a pretty phenomenal  insight:
I do Love myself and prove it every day through my action – I just never perceived it that way before – amazing , just amazing!

The thing here is that the video is pretty lengthy (and hadn´t it been for my Marvelous Maria being so into Yoga and having introduced it to me in a positive and conceivable way I would probably have missed the whole lesson) and as much as I would endorse You to watch it in it´s full length I understand that everyone is pressed on time and if You only have a few minutes, please fast forward to minute 30:54, 38.40, 47:42 and listen for as long as You like at each part – You will probably want to go back and listen to the whole speech!

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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What do we consider important?

Sometimes I just stop in my tracks and have to think about what´s really important to me and other people, let me give You an example:

Every now and then I post something on Facebook regarding the environment, this being information on how a large cooperation knowingly poison half of a beautiful, tropical island or how another multinational concern historically developed from the company producing the gas used in the holocaust. Even how these two cooperations plan to merge and how that might not be the best idea for You, me or the rest of the planet…

Usual response here – 1 or 2 likes and maybe a share (if that was from You – Mahalo!!!)

A few weeks ago I cut my hair, going from a pony tail to a rather short hair style. Leaving the shop I took a selfie to send to my wife and later used that 2015-07-08 14.29.44same pic for my profile on Facebook.

Response – 152 likes and over 40 comments in less than 48 hours!

Made me feel like a celebrity :-D, and got me thinking…

How come that a minor change in my personal appearance resulted in so many reactions while facts and circumstances with the capacity to impact our world forever do not?

Is it just easier for most people to take action on minor stuff?
Do the more important  issues overwhelm us?
Or, does everything drown in the never ending flow of information, leaving with us with attention spans only allowing entrance of minor news into our consciousness?

Anyway, right after I started asking myself these questions I saw the video below again and just found it a perfect reflection of the situation.
I´m certainly guilty of being distracted by the outer world and even though the Master Key Experience has helped immensely to focus better and look inside for answers I´m still not at the point I want to be.

Which I´m totally ok with as I have the tools, methods and skills necessary to do something about it, and, thanks to the next course starting late September, anyone can learn them so if You feel that inclination just fill out the form below and be among the first to receive information about the launch!

There´s just nothing like it!

In the meantime please check out the short video below and tell me what You think, ok?

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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Marvelous Master Mind

While going through the MasterKeyExperience we are all encouraged to form a MMA (MasterMindAlliance) for ourselves and our Definiteness of Purpose along the lines with Napoleon Hills definition:
Everyone says that we often value things when we lost them and being on Cyprus now just a few days without my Marvelous Maria really makes that clear for me. As much as I appreciate and respect her wish to visit her father and family, I miss her presence more than I would have imagined.2015-07-17 13.37.41
And there it came to me, in the SIT this morning, we have the perfect MMA configured already, we just need to formally form it together!
Napoleon Hill writes in ”Outwitting the Devil” Chapter 12:
Q Which class of associates has the greatest influence upon one?
A One’s partner in marriage and in the home and one’s associates
in his occupation. After that come close friends and
acquaintances. Casual acquaintances and strangers have but
little influence on one.

It just makes sense to chose one or more of the people closest to us for our Master Mind!

Mr Hill continues:
Q Why does one’s partner in marriage have so great an influence
upon one’s mind?
A Because the relationship of marriage brings people under
the influence of spiritual forces of such weight that they
become dominating forces of the mind.
My wife is also my best friend, my accountability partner, my inspiration and the love of my life and while I miss her when she´s gone, at the same time I´m just overflowing with gratitude having her in my life.
Maria, You´re amazing and You inspire me daily – even when You don´t think You do – life is always lighter with You around!
I love You and look forward to spend the rest of our lives on track with our individual and common plans and purposes!
And to everyone reading this I wish You find Your marvelous MMA!

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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Let´s start moving on that compass

I don´t know if You´ve ever been in that situation but a few years ago I was hiking with a friend, both him and I very used to move around in the mountains combining some 45 years of experience. With just one more night left we start in the morning and pretty soon get wrapped up in low clouds with visibility down to virtually 15 meters or less at times.compass
As we both knew the area from several previous tours we committed the cardinal mistake of convincing ourselves that we knew where we were going and just didn´t unpack the compass…

Needless to say we got ourselves in a situation where none of us had a clue where we were or how to get to where we were going – ever seen that happen in life???
Well, I´ve seen it happen in my life countless times – being stuck in habits, doing things a certain way believing I was doing the right thing, just most of the time getting lost while following something outside of myself. Distrusting my self, my instincts and my inner voice and instead turning myself inside out by trying to live by others ideals.

Which brings us to a similar situation as above mentioned just a few days ago, my wife, the Marvelous Maria, and I have developed a habit of paddle boarding in the morning and the other day we were greeted by a wonderfully foggy_supsmooth see and…a lot of fog…
Frankly, the guys at the water sport center didn´t want us to go out at all…

It´s good we knew what we wanted and were willing to trust our selves, at times we didn´t even see the next buoy marking the swimmers area. Anyway we stayed our course and made it there and back again, easy as we used the tools and skills available to us.

And that´s what the Master Key´s all about for me!

In the latest post I began to write about the project I´m launching this fall to turn the downward spiraling health of the human race around and for me it´s all about addressing the kids as most adults are far to entangled in their habits to be easily accessible or even approachable.
To influence the kids we need to get into the channels of information they enjoy to use, which basically boils down to social media, gaming and conforming with their peers. Needless to say it´ll take some money to utilize the first to (and BTW that´s the way to influence the nature of peer pressure they´re conforming to).

During that SUP tour through the fog an idea was born and later refined in the sit:

Later this year, right now it looks like mid November I´ll hike major parts of the E4 trail on Cyprus, from Larnaca to the Akamas peninsula and the city of Polis, which is about 220km or 135 miles. At Agios Georgios I´ll exchange my hiking gear for a SUP board and paddle around Akamas, past Paphos and Limassol to finish at Makenzy beach in Larnaca just a few hundred meters from the start.
Right now I have all the equipment I need for the first part, though I don´t have a board, no one tagging along in a boat for safety, and no plan “B”.
On the other hand I have the power of my subconscious that already has started working in mysterious ways, bringing circumstances, friends and strangers together to make this happen and I know that I know that I know, come November I stand on exactly the right board on exactly the right time and enough people follow, share and contribute so that the greater project can be launched on schedule before the year is at it´s end!

Of course I write about the experience as often as I can get to an internet connection (if You have a satellite to spare, please let me know) and do my best to get this adventure over to You alive and kicking.

If You think I can do this or not, if You want to contribute and can or can´t do so, or just want to put a though out there, PLEASE comment below and share with Your friends what´s going on.

Mahalo, I appreciate You!

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The end of the beginning

The last day of the MKMMA Live Event we got a 30 day follow through program to help us deepen and enhance the experience. Together with the exercises we received some good news and some bad news…
The good ones being that this is easy to do 🙂
The bad ones that it is equally easy not to do 🙁

I instantly made the decision to DO them and, man, am I happy I did!

Don´t worry, I´m not going to ruin this for anyone by telling You about the exercise – just that they helped me thoroughly evaluate not only my MK experience, but my entire life experience so far and made it really clear to me how I got to were I am and where I´m heading.

Let me tell You a story:

A little over 15 years ago I got involved with Network Marketing for the first time, it was a health company and I was approached in my capacity of a medical professional. At some point during a training we were supposed to define what we wanted to contribute and my instinctive answer was that I wanted to affect 1 million people in a distinctly positive way. Needless to say I had no clue as to how to even get close to that number and at the time “how” was very important to me. So I got on with my life, got pretty successful selling the products, never managed to build an effective team and did my best to “forget” or rationalize away the idea of helping a million people.

Long story short, I got out of that company and over the years I worked with a few more, some deals turned out pretty well for me and a few (that were “ground floor opportunities”) folded and went south.

Having been into training a major part of my life and working as a manual medicin professional for years and years the next logical step was to expand into functional training and I started to plan a project where I wanted to provide teenagers with free access to a training and wellness website while financing this by selling the same service under another name to people over the age of 20. Needless to say this never got of the drawing table, just to many challenges at once while juggling the normal day-to-day-stuff of running a small business…

All the while I´ve seen the development in our society from the point of view of a manual medicin professional. Only 15 years ago I saw almost exclusively clients who had actually DONE something out of the ordinary to need my services. Today that applies to few people except athletes who train on a very high level.
Most people I met the last 10 years are in pain for living their daily life, going through their routine of work, commute, enjoying free time and leisure activities.
So what changed? Well the daily routines did, the way we live our life in the modern society did and most of all the way we move (or not) and fuel (or not) changed immensely.

And what does all this have to do with the MK?

Well, I honestly think that everything happens for a reason, that every time we make a choice it leads to the next opportunity for choosing and that every choice shapes how we will choose next and that habits are stacked onto habits until we are controlled by our habits.

Back to Og for a second:
“As a child I was slave to my impulses; now I am slave to my habits, as are all grown men. I have surrendered my free will to the years of accumulated habits and the past deeds of my life have already marked out a path, which threatens to imprison my future.”
Og Mandino, “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, Scroll I

Everyone who´s been through the Master Key Experience knows that habits can be changed and how this is done. On the other hand we also know why we so often failed to change in the past .

“Work is necessary – labor, hard mental labor, the kind of effort which so few are willing to put forth.”
Charles Haanel, “The Master Key System”, Part 7:4

During the past four weeks of going through The 30 Days Thought and Action Plan my mind went back to the thoughts mentioned above time after time and I could not let go of the urge to really make a difference for millions of people health wise, what was still missing was the approach.
Everyone knows that it takes internal motivation to change our habits and I think You´ll agree with me that most adults of today are indeed to caught up in their daily lives to muster that motivation. Even if they learned that better health is actually quite easily achievable.
In his book “Outwitting the Devil” Napoleon Hill talks about what he calls “Hypnotic Rhythm” as the last state of habit that cannot be reversed or changed easily.

“Q: And if I did surprise you and publish it, how long would it
be until you lost your kingdom?
A: Just long enough for one generation of children to grow
into understanding. You cannot take the adults from me. I
have them too securely sewed up. But if you published this
confession, it would be sufficient to keep me from gaining control
of the yet unborn and those who have not yet reached the
age of reason.”
Napoleon Hill, “Outwitting the Devil”, Chapter 6

So the answer must be to influence the young to help them establish healthy habits instead of copying the behavior of their parents.
After all we´re right now, for the first time in known history, looking at a generation with a shorter expected life span than their parents – not really an ideal role model for the future, right?

I´ve got a few ideas down, some people to contact for assistance and support and a weekend of silence in front of me to do some deeper thinking on the subject.

Oh, and BTW, I could use some help here – it´s a pretty big task 😉 – so if You feel this endeavor is something You´d like to take part in, please contact me!

To be candid with You I´ve always felt a little envy towards people who got this “greater than them selves” cause to work for. I always thought that must be awesome – and now I know it is!
I hardly really know were to begin this and now idea how to complete it, I´m just filled with a very fulfilling feeling of gratitude to the process that lead me to this point and am committed to continue trusting that same process.
Equipped with the knowledge, skills and methods from the Master Key Experience I know that anything is possible and thats a good start! Now it´s time to follow my bliss and see where it leads me, looking forward to an awesome journey!

Which leads us right back to our old friend Joseph Campbell:

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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What´s in it for You???

In WHAT??? You might ask – well, life. Your Life!
What´s in it for You in Your life?

If You´re anything like me You´ve thought about this quite a few times during the years, just to be distracted by just that life itself. Yes?

I´m a yellow personality (according to the ColorCode) and as every other color it brings with it innate advantages and challenges, one of the latter being a condition we can call ADSOD (Attention Deficit Shiny Object Disorder) meaning I´m easily distracted by shiny objects, eg things in life that show up and seem fun 😉

Everyone knows that it takes focused attention to make anything happen and so this ADSOD has been (and still is to a lesser degree) one of my greatest challenges throughout life.

This has been the area where going through the Master Key Experience probably helped me the most, because many of the “shiny objects” that distract us don´t carry any benefits to us.
Rather they represent society´s agenda for us and by shifting our focus from what the world thinks is important to what WE think is important we can create an almost unimaginable amount of purpose and happiness in our lives.

Still I got of track and started drifting away from my new, good habits during our stay on Kauai, it was so easy to skip a read or two while catching up with people I met previous years or spending time with the people who were there from Sweden together with us. And I didn´t even think much of it until I mentioned it to Mark in a casual conversation and he pointed out to me how I had been choosing instant gratification over my dream once more.

And I learned two great things from this experience:

  1. How  good the habits developed during The Master Key Course have landed in my system – it was so incredibly easy to get back on track
  2. How meticulously I need to guard my thoughts not only from the shiny objects around me but in particular the ones I create in my mind

So, I hope to see You at the next Master Keys and until then please enjoy the video below and some ideas how to get what´s in it for You:

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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