Getting it right…

So the first week with the MKMMA is almost through and, man, am I grateful for the routines I got in place by working with Mark, Dave and the rest of the Go90Grow team – thanks guys for busting my chops the last year!!!
Having lived most of my life less organized I would have been somewhat overwhelmed by the routine of daily readings and probably missed out on some excitement connected to these readings.

It´s funny how returning to books I once read can have such a profound impact on me and how being reintroduced to Og Mandino´s “The Greatest Salesman” got my eyes swelling with tears of joy, hope and gratefulness.

I first read that book in 1999, and when I write “read” that´s exactly what I mean – I read it from cover to co2014-10-07 11.55.50ver, found it to be a good read and put it away for future reference.
Needless to say I, at the time, totally missed the point and never even thought about actually following the instructions in the frist scroll…

Wonder where the “funny” comes to play???

Well, right before reading “The Greatest Salesman” in 1999 i took a shot at another great book: “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill – reading it exactly the same way, from cover to cover, and once again totally missing the point until I got enrolled in Go90Grow during springtime of 2012.
Here I got instructed in HOW to USE “Think & Grow Rich” to actually program my subby to get where I want to go instead of drifting through life like a ship without a rodder, letting every outside influence push or pull me of track.

What leads us to the excitement part…

Without going into details on the Claes of spring 2012 let´s take a look at where T&GR got me so far:
– about a year ago I left the Swedish climate for a life on sunny Cyprus with the women i love
– a little less then six month ago this women, the Marvelous Maria, became my wife on a beach slightly to the east of Agia Napa
– we´ve visited Kauai twice and the next trip is scheduled already
– I´ve met some fantastic people and made great friends (You know who You are)
– witness good friends manifesting one of their DMPs while participating in the Napali Coast Kayaking Adventure
– working with amazing people in the US and Canada I´d never know I meet

And the list could go on and on and on…

The point is:

If each and everyone of these blessing came into my life as a direct result of my working with guidance on T&GR, and I have no reason in the world to doubt the truth in that, then I can´t wait to experience what adding in working the wisdom from “The Greatest Salesman” will do for my life and my future.
This one thing I know: I´m “all in” the Master Keys Experience, sometimes getting stuck a bit late at night (sorry, baby), a little eager in responding to my guide (my apologies, Sandra), always willing to put in the work (though appreciating every possible shortcut – hey, I´m yellow…) and totally committed!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate You!

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10 thoughts on “Getting it right…

  1. Heather Plude

    Fabulous blog… loved reading about all the growth you have had in the last year… and I know there is so much more to come! Glad to be on this journey with you!

  2. Sandra Owen

    Great blog Claes. And love your ENTHUSIASM re getting the work done. You made me smile 🙂 Think of it like baking a cake! You can’t put the oven on full to cook it quicker. All you do is burn the outside and have a soggy mess in the middle lol. Enjoy each step and have fun….oh yes…you already are 🙂 🙂 🙂 So excited for you.

    1. mkmmaclaes

      Thanks, Sandra, I admit that I might need to slow down a tad every now and then, though there is actually nothing even near as important to fokus time and effort on right now :-D.
      Love Your metafor about the cake!!!

  3. cjbart2

    WOW you had a phenomenal year.
    The next 26 weeks will sure to be as rewarding.
    Especially liked the subtle reference to T&GR and Og’s Book being READ, but NOT becoming part of you the first time.
    I was that way when first reading T&GR in 1960, but continued to re and re-read on a regular basis and kept aligned with my DMP in 1960.
    When Mandino’s book was published in 1968 I was more savvy and followed the instructions to the letter.
    Congratulations again and am looking forward to Master Minding in the immediate future


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