Happiness and The Law of Growth

“Today I will multiply my value a hundredfold.”
Og Mandino, “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, The Scroll marked VIII

With these words starts this months scroll and I have to admit it raised some questions in me and even intimidated me in some ways.

  • Multiply my value a hundredfold?
  • Today?
  • HOW???
  • Is that even possible?

And most important: Is THAT what it takes??? Oh, scary…

Frankly I thought of putting the book down and skipping the rest and that´s where the habits I developed during the last few months kicked in and I took the matter into the sit 😉

So, what´s it all about?

Well, my take here is that Mandino simply celebrates the Law of Growth – a law that I´ve been guilty of breaking so many times in my life.

Think about it – we human beings are the only species that have a choice in this matter, we can consciously make a decision not to grow.
Even more mind boggling is how many of us make that decision subconsciously or out of habit, to the point where, in this case, I actually got scared when Mandino so relentlessly reminded me of my natural state. Even after going thru the Master Key Experience I still defaulted into fear of my own nature and ability.

“It is man’s capacity to think that makes him a creator instead of a creature.”
Charles Haanel, “The Master Key System”

The wonderful paradox here is that the same ability to think also makes it possible for us to decide not to grow and thereby separating ourself from our natural state!

And when we´re separated from that natural state happiness becomes impossible, we can´t really default and be happy at the same time – it´s not in our genes…

Thankfully there´s a scientifically proven way to guarantee happiness and we went thru this progression during the Master Key Experience – and it works.

So, please, let me share this short video with You – I hope You enjoy it and make the choice to act on the information!

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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