Here we go…

Alright then,

I guess it´s pretty adequat to feel excited about starting this MKMMA – I just don´t feel that “excited” is a strong enough word…

After all, just the tiny bit of the information, knowledge and methods I, thanks to Mark & Dave, already got from this material, has turned my life around and today I live like I recently just dreamed of!

Typical day:

  • wake up next to my Marvelous Maria when my body finished sleeping
  • read BPB, DMP, POA, etc
  • drink some good coffee while reading
  • do the sit
  • SUP for 30-60 minutes
  • work out at the gym
  • some daily stuff that needs to get done
  • brunch
  • read DMP, POA, etc
  • on the phone for a few hours
  • beach: reading, walking, going for a swim
  • on the phone for another hour maybe
  • at the computer doing presentation or follow up
  • dinner
  • whatever needs to be done
  • writing
  • go to bed when I´m tired

And most of this I get to do together with my wife – talking, sharing, playing, just spending time together, working next to each other.
It just incredible how far we got in just one short year regarding quality of life, peace of mind and serenity in regard to the future!

And now it´s time for the next step, the Master Key Experience – image what we all will be like six months from now, how we will enjoy and experience life even more, living our purposes and acting as an inspiration and a light for people we haven´t even met yet.

To everyone of You debarking on this journey together with us:
I´m so outrageously grateful for each and everyone of You, as I am for the chance to take part in the experience, for the certified guides and, last but not least, for my friends Mark & Dave – thank You for doing this!!!

Mahalo // C

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