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While going through the MasterKeyExperience we are all encouraged to form a MMA (MasterMindAlliance) for ourselves and our Definiteness of Purpose along the lines with Napoleon Hills definition:
Everyone says that we often value things when we lost them and being on Cyprus now just a few days without my Marvelous Maria really makes that clear for me. As much as I appreciate and respect her wish to visit her father and family, I miss her presence more than I would have imagined.2015-07-17 13.37.41
And there it came to me, in the SIT this morning, we have the perfect MMA configured already, we just need to formally form it together!
Napoleon Hill writes in ”Outwitting the Devil” Chapter 12:
Q Which class of associates has the greatest influence upon one?
A One’s partner in marriage and in the home and one’s associates
in his occupation. After that come close friends and
acquaintances. Casual acquaintances and strangers have but
little influence on one.

It just makes sense to chose one or more of the people closest to us for our Master Mind!

Mr Hill continues:
Q Why does one’s partner in marriage have so great an influence
upon one’s mind?
A Because the relationship of marriage brings people under
the influence of spiritual forces of such weight that they
become dominating forces of the mind.
My wife is also my best friend, my accountability partner, my inspiration and the love of my life and while I miss her when she´s gone, at the same time I´m just overflowing with gratitude having her in my life.
Maria, You´re amazing and You inspire me daily – even when You don´t think You do – life is always lighter with You around!
I love You and look forward to spend the rest of our lives on track with our individual and common plans and purposes!
And to everyone reading this I wish You find Your marvelous MMA!

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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5 thoughts on “Marvelous Master Mind

  1. Luc Griffet

    Great post Claes! Interesting to see how the absence of someone we love can sharpen our creativity 🙂 It is also so obvious and beautiful to notice how you and Maria are a source of inspiration for each other when we see you together…Love is beautiful!

    1. Claes Wallenberg Post author

      Thank You, Luc

      I guess sometimes the things that are obvious to others around us can be hidden from our own consciousness for quite a while. Once again a reminder of the value and necessity of being the observer!

      Mahalo, I appreciate You and look forward to talk soon

  2. Lance Botha

    Clae so good to read this special post /realisation. Marriage is truly the greatest MMA. May your continue to grow stronger.


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