Master Key Week 3.2 – One of those moments

There are these moments in life that totally remodel the way we lived and thought and when they happen nothing can ever be the same again.
Members of the Master Keys who are doing the work have a tendency to experience those moments more frequently and I just can´t help myself to share this weeks blog post by Mika Suhonen with You:


Mamma mia, what a busy week it has been. At the same time amazing. Monday I was so tense, irritable and almost angry without knowing what it really depended on, but still I decided to continue the development of my DMP. Last Tuesday, I felt better, until I read the response from my guide on the design of the DMP. There was so much that was missing and needed to be changed, but worst of all, I came upon two insights about myself.

1) I do not like to be too specific about details.

2) I am not able of expressing my feelings in writing (certainly not perfect in relationships either).

It’s probably quite serious that I had to google out what all the emotions are. I sat down and started working with my DMP and did it in 5 hours straight. I suffered, I agonized, almost threw the computer out the window. But I did it anyway! I knew within me that if I do not take me through the obstacles, I will not be able to sleep peacefully. Occasionally, I sent emails out of frustration to my guide, got wise response back, and I continued to think and write. After the five hours I was happier than ever before and sent a revised version of it. And on Wednesday came the answer, and most of the text was much better, except it was missing a little more emotion and what I should sacrifice to achieve my dreams. On Wednesday, the day I had the privilege to talk with me and guide in the phone and in that conversation, something magical happened.

My PPM’s are clear and visible in the text, different dates is written, but the emotions, the emotions, the emotions I still had difficulty with. Then my guide asked me regarding that summer camp for children, “How would it feel for you to meet all the children when they get there?” OOH, I got tears in my eyes (also now) and realized for the first time that I have aimed toward the wrong feelings. Because I have only thought that all emotions have to be only for joy, or only of love, but without that I have paired it with an event. When I realized the clutch, it increased my feelings hundredfold.
I feel now that my plan is as close to perfection. It is certainly a little more that needs changing, but that does not matter, because it means I have to change first, and I like that. 🙂


Another discovery appeared last night. I did sit-exercise of Haanel, sat still, relaxed and stopped thinking in increasingly longer periods. (A tip given to me by a good friend was this. He said: Imagine that your thoughts are a river that passes you and you just look at the river.) This method works wonderfully well for me! I thought: if my thoughts are passing like a river, then I can not think those thoughts. And it began to happen more and more automatically when any thought tried to disturb me “I can not think the river contains all my thoughts,” and then there was silence again.
In the silence, the emptiness, I began to feel a deep sense of well-being and joy. The first time I was surprised, but I thought of Haanel and paragraph 33 of this week’s Master Key. “… you will be surprised by the results.” Wow! It was perhaps that which I have begun to find now.

So the total for this week: Wonderful insights, rewarding struggle, and the help of a guide who knows his business.

Week 4 – Welcome!

Inspire Greatly // Mika

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