Master Key Week 4 – Observing…

OMG am I filled with mixed emotions right now…

I´m in the Vienna airport and than I have connecting flight to Stockholm in three hours. Actually2015-10-20 09.32.10 I travel with one of our cats, Diana, and have locked us into a bathroom to let her out of the cage for a while.
Though she´s not really in for the opportunity to move around…

My wife is currently living in Stockholm while I´m still on Cyprus and we are doing a weekend trip to Prague (another item on the bliss list) coming weekend to have some time just for ourselves. And around that I´ll be in Stockholm for two weeks and keep myself busy!

2015-10-20 07.03.24So, naturally, part of me is filled with anticipation, love and joy!
On the other hand I feel so sorry for putting Diana through this travel ordeal, on the first plane she was totally stressed out, almost hyperventilating and with a heartbeat that was so fast and hard I actually caught a thought of worry in my mind… Taking her out of the cage and having her on my lap really soothed her and she became almost calm.

Then the flight attendant saw her and told me to put her back in the cage…

And here the Master Key comes into play, my reaction totally surprised me.

Historically I would have reacted heavily and pretty unhealthy from my secondary red color, which in short words (let´s not spend time on ”negatives”, right?) would have been verbally ugly and probably not very productive.

Today, after less then 3 hours of sleep and how that can affect my balance, I just acted from a totally different place, put her back in the cage and just left a hand inside to sooth her. Which actually worked pretty fine.

The fascinating thing is that it was totally subconscious, I didn´t have to break an initial aggressive reaction, this just came naturally.


For some of You it might not seem like a ”biggy”, for those who experience my temper earlier in life…lets just say – they know 😉


And while we´re at observations:

I had a really bad internet connection on Sunday and chose to watch the replay of the webinar this morning on the plane. Davene caught my attention when she talked about service and do stuff to help others. For some reason I wrote ”Help Maria wash the cats before October 25th” on my service card Sunday morning and normally I never write anything that involves someone else just because I want to be absolutely sure that  nothing comes in the way of me keeping the promise.
Needless to say my Marvelous blue wife appreciated the thoughtfulness and I just smile at the ”coincidence” choosing that service just before this webinar.

So, I´ve become a guy who spends over an hour sitting on the stone floor of a bathroom to give a beloved cat some opportunity to move around 😉

Still on that floor the phone rings, it´s customer service at Lufthansa informing me that I´m eligible for compensation for a flight that got cancelled in September.
€400 extra in my account within 14 days :-D!

Coincidence? Or “I´m in the flow”?

Don´t know really – what do You think?

I´m busy reading Emerson ;-)!

Mahalo for visiting my blog, please leave a comment below if You have anything to share and tell Your friends if You like this!

I appreciate You!

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11 thoughts on “Master Key Week 4 – Observing…

  1. Claes Wallenberg Post author

    Just need to add a PS on manifesting different outcomes here, I made a decision before getting on the next flight that I would fight to be allowed to have Diana on my lap most of the flight.
    Turned out that was not necessary – head of cabin crew told me she had 6 rescued street cats at home and I could keep the cat out of the cage even during landing 😀

    Don´t You just LOVE these inexplicable things happening?

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!

    // Claes

  2. Scott Thomposn

    Hi Claus, thanks for sharing your example of how the positive energy flows to others when we control our power within! You are in the flow ,bro! Enjoy Sweden!

    1. Martin

      Hi Claes, thanks for a wonderful post, full of amazing observations. The fact that you were able to act based on your new blueprint is a BIGGIE, even without knowing your previous temper. As Scot says, you’re in the flow!

      1. Claes Wallenberg Post author

        Thanks, Martin, more good stuff going on during the second flight – took an extra SIT and got some really profound insights that I´m putting down in writing over the next days.
        So grateful for the tremendous support from You and other travelers on the MK journey!

        Mahalo, I appreciate You!

    2. Claes Wallenberg Post author

      Thanks, bro, it´s just amazing to observe the changes and know what´s going on for all people on this journey.
      So grateful to be here with all of us!

      Mahalo, I appreciate You!

  3. Cassandra O'Neal

    Claes, I LOVE IT!!!! In answer to your question, you are definitely IN THE FLOW!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!! and what a lucky lady, Diana, sitting in her ‘daddy’s lap’ on the plane! You manifested that! BAM!!!!
    God bless you!

    1. Claes Wallenberg Post author

      Awesome, isn´t it indeed?!

      And I am even manifesting good enough weather condition for a little hike and camp in the woods (without cat) Friday-Saturday this weekend 😉
      Need some nature air and thinking time in silence!

      Mahalo, I appreciate You and I´m so grateful for all Your help!


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