Master Key Week 6.2 – Guest blogger Chantal

Let me introduce You to yet another member of my tribe, Chantal, who in this post challenges the reader to stretch a little and try something we don´t think we might be that good at.

I took the challenge and actually am quite pleased with what I accomplished!

Will You?

Week 6 – Can you do IT?

nothing is impossible

Sometimes I watch a TED-talk, and most of the times I really like them because of the passion the speaker shows while telling his/her story and the insights they give me, making new connections with what I already know. If you don’t know what a TED-talk is, in short explained: an expert tells his/her story or experience to a group of people. There are all kinds of talks, about science, health, psychology, etc. This week by a coincidence I watched two of them. One about a lady who talks about her experience of dying, getting in a coma and having a profound experience why she was ill and got out of coma and got better very very quickly and the other one about a man, Graham Shaw who explaines why/how everyone can draw. In this post I want to talk about this last one.

So I want to ask you a very simple question – and if you want to, think about it for a couple of seconds:

Can you draw? 

What is your first reaction to this question? My first reaction was: well, I can draw something, but it really is a very very simple way of drawing. Nothing fancy. Lol, after watching this TED-talk I have to tell you I CAN DRAW CARTOONS!!! Yes, I can. And I like it!!

Graham Shaw explains how this answer of thinking you can’t draw is more about believes than it is about skills. He has given his presentation to lot’s of people, even people who have had a stroke, and they ALL can draw. If you have about 15 minutes left and want to watch the TED-talk, go over here, perhaps take a piece of paper and have fun!



Because one of my preferred learning styles is learning by doing, I took a piece of paper and pen too. Here is my result. And I like it….. 😉



Graham Shaw ends this talk with an invitation to think about how many other thoughts and limiting believes one has, which he/she carries around every single day. How true is that.



what matters most is how you see yourself


The Master Keys explains in part six:

6-1. The Universal Mind is so wonderful that it is difficult to understand its utilitarian powers and possibilities and its unlimited producing effects.

 6-11. There is not a single virtue or principle in the storehouse of nature which the brain cannot express. The brain is an embryonic world, ready to develop at any time as necessity may arise. If you can comprehend that this is a scientific truth and one of the wonderful laws of nature, it will be easier for you to get an understanding of the mechanism by which these extraordinary results are being accomplished.

For me this TED-talk and those sentences of the Master Keys are an invitation to watch even more what believes or thoughts I have and if they are really true and if I want to keep them. And I am noticing it has a positive outcome on several parts of my life. A big huray for that!

At the end of this blog I also want to thank Vera Moorer, another participant of the MKMMA-journey who brought this TED-talk to my attention. If you want to read her beautiful blogs, go over here MasterkeyVera .

Have a great day & week!

With love,


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  1. Chantal

    Great you took the challenge and that you are quite pleased with the outcome! And also thank you for sharing my blog, Claes.


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