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Stockholm, Arlanda, October 26th 2020

Finally this meeting takes place after several months of rescheduling. This guy, Claes Wallenberg, surely likes to get around and doesn´t concern himself that much about schedules.

Why should I?” he answers my question in that regard, “I put quite a lot of work into creating that freedom!

The lobby at Radisson Blu, Arlanda Airport, is spacious with surprisingly fresh air considering the neighborhood. We occupy some very comfortable leather chairs right next to the glass wall facing the airport where it feels very peaceful and quiet despite the organized chaos taking place on the other side of the glass.

So, where do you arrive from now? I ask as the waiter brings our drinks, plain coffee for me, a double macchiato and some sparkling water for Mr Wallenberg.

Well, I had a few days of pure relaxation in Iceland on my way back to Europe. Did You know that Iceland Air lets You extend Your layover indefinitely without any extra charges flying through Keflavik?  He asks me back.

Until now I had no clue, I admit, can You tell me more?

Of course, he responds,  I stayed in a small hotel in West Iceland called “Hellnar” where I spent a night quite a few years ago and just fell in love with the place. Located right by the sea with a fantastic view and a sunset to die for, at the same time it features the most amazing outlook at the Snæfellsjökull shining bright as a jewel of the north when the sun comes through.
Beautiful hiking possibilities there as well, most people take a guided tour on the glacier but with a few ounces of common sense You can climb the peak on Your own as long as the weather plays.

I kind of hesitate a moment, did he misunderstand my question? Pulling my leg? Or just simply gets carried away? Deciding on the latter I continue.
Well, Mr Wallenberg – just to be interrupted…

Oh, please, lets stick with Claes, ok?

Sure, Claes, as much as our readers might enjoy Your description of Iceland – I would like to steer us back a bit further in time and talk about what actually got You into the position You find Yourself in today.

Hmm, he answers, I did it again, uh? Got a tad carried away there… Alright, let us back up some years and do our best to satisfy the curiosity of Your readers!
I think what You´re asking for started about eight years ago, though my first real contact with MLM had been over 10 years prior to that and briefly stated –  I fell in love with the concept!
Here we have a business model that gives You every upside of franchising, just sans most of the downsides. A real opportunity for anyone to build a business virtually without limitations and with such a low risk that in most cases You can neglect it.
Being in a few deals over a period of almost 15 years I had some success and was making some money in most of them, though I never hit that “walk away income” that was always promised at the biz-ops and even though I sponsored quite a few people and created some turnover that was mostly just me and “duplication” never occurred, an experience that I seemed to share with most people in the industry. On the other hand I knew it was possible, because people actually had the life style I was looking for so I draw the conclusion that I was the problem, I did something wrong, didn´t “want it bad enough” or just had “to find the right people”.
That all changed when I was pointed to Go90Grow during spring 2012 and started to study Mark´s material, slowly slowly at first (sigá-sigá as they say on Cyprus) – I still had a lot of bad habits to eliminate and a lot of ego working against me – things began to roll easier.
I took “Think&Grow Rich” to heart, really studying the work of Napoleon Hill with great help from the Go90Grow team and in early May 2013 the Marvelous Maria, my wife-to-be, and I visited the live event in Kauai which turned out to be a really life changing experience for both of us.
About seven month before the event we made the decision to move from Sweden to Cyprus and at the event I got the insights, knowledge and skills that provided me the faith and peace of mind to take the step to live by intention instead of method.
Basically we started living our lives from within refusing to let outer circumstances or difficulties dictate what we can do or not. If the intention is clear some method will show up to produce the object of the intention.

Wow, I said, that sound really liberating! Could You be a bit more specific about what happened to You there on Kauai?

I can do my best, Claes responds, though I think it´s a bit like describing a certain color to a blind man who lacks any concept of colors. No offence intended! He adds with his trade mark crooked smile.

None taken, I answer, to my own surprise totally honest.

Well then, Claes continues, the main change came through two insights that Go90Grow and, in particular, Mark J helped me reach.
First: if the world without is a direct reflexion of the world within, and every great teacher in history seems to agree on that, then what could be more important than taking care of the world within?! And Second: We can have anything we want, we just cannot have everything we want at the same time…
So buy making a deliberate and definite choice what´s most important and repetitiously imprinting it in the inner world (aka subconscious mind) I, You and anyone else can reach whatever goal we´d like to pursue regardless of what methods are seem to be available at the time. Just as long it´s good for us and doesn´t hurt anyone else.

With that he leans back in the comfortable chair, takes a sip of his Macchiato and a few gulps of water, looking at me as if everything has been said already…

Returning his look, I ask:  Sooo…?

So, basically everything just lined up for us and now we´re sitting here enjoying our coffee and having this chat. He smiles at me, obviously just waiting for the next question.

I didn´t want to disappoint him so: Could You expand on that a little bit more for our readers, please?

Of course, Claes replies showing of his big smile once more, it didn´t happen all by itself. It actually took some real mental work to modify the “old blueprint” and to transform myself into the person i am today. You know, he continues, suddenly looking quite serious, it all starts with who we are. If You want to change any circumstance in Your life virtually without effort you need to become the person who thinks and feels in ways that automatically ingages in the actions necessary to achieve the desired results. Else You´re spending Your time struggling to over rule Your subconscious programming (the old blueprint) with conscious effort and even if You reach Your goal, life of struggle seldom leads to peace of mind.
Of course it wasn´t that easy to start out with, after spending so many years running around like a mad man, working hard on changing outer circumstances while giving little or no attention to my inner world I needed to be patient with myself and stop abusing myself mentally for every small mistake. Today it seems hard to believe and almost a bit ridiculous how much time and energy I waisted focusing on what went wrong in my life before, how I messed up all the time and mostly how I never was good enough. Those patterns of thought were what had created my reality and though I had been working on improving myself for many years my focus had always been on the action part until I started working with Mark and his team.
The first year after moving I didn´t accomplish much on the outside, the inner world however became a completely different animal through consistent and very conscious work.
I also achieved my greatest success this far in my life as I married my Marvelous Maria on April 11th 2014, spending the whole month of May on Kauai combining our honeymoon with the Go90Grow live event, enjoying the beautiful island and spending time with our friends.
Slowly slowly my pattern of thought were changing from looking att available methods in deciding what I´d like to do, to deliberately choosing how to live my life and letting the necessary methods appear. It´s fascinating how people, things and ideas just pop up to support You when You live a life of definiteness and at the same time allow Yourself to be in the flow. A bit scary to start with as it kind of presupposes giving up control, as soon as I got to experience the results, small in the beginning, I started to grow real faith and got “all in”.

Still a had a long way to go – You know how we like to tell ourselves stories about ourselves? Most of which actually have much more to do with what we think other people might think of us than with what we ourselves find important. Well, I did just that for a good year, writing stuff into my DMP that was impressive, great in the eyes of the world and frankly stressed me out and even made me resist reading it. Despite that I pushed on, trying to make myself believe that I was just “resisting the call” of my higher self.

At this point I started to feel increasingly lost and had to follow up with another question: What do You mean with “refusing the call”?

Mr Wallenberg, Claes, looked a little puzzled for a second, then he continued.

Well, most members meet with resistance at some point of the Master Key Experience, doesn´t matter if it´s the exercises that seem ridiculous, blogging taking to much time, all those readings overdoing it or anything else we come up with – it´s all just our old blueprint refusing the call to greatness.

The most common reason people don´t get what they really want is that they are so used to what they already have… 

And I got all mixed up with that… You know, being a guide for new members can really mess up Your mind while dealing with Yourself and Your own issues. 

Finally it took a trip to Greece and the influence of one of my personal heroes to shake me out of the prison I built for myself – I visited the birthplace of Alexander III the Great and,  more importantly, the place where he was tutored by Aristotle and that was a life defining moment for me…
Suddenly I asked myself if Alexander wasted even one thought on what others thought about his dream. This guy conquered the known world at that time and then some, he founded 18 cities that carry his name and, more importantly, he did all this in a manner that preserved the culture of the conquered areas while adding the knowledge, wisdom and culture of his Macedonian heritage.

To be continued….



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