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Let´s start moving on that compass

I don´t know if You´ve ever been in that situation but a few years ago I was hiking with a friend, both him and I very used to move around in the mountains combining some 45 years of experience. With just one more night left we start in the morning and pretty soon get wrapped up in low clouds with visibility down to virtually 15 meters or less at times.compass
As we both knew the area from several previous tours we committed the cardinal mistake of convincing ourselves that we knew where we were going and just didn´t unpack the compass…

Needless to say we got ourselves in a situation where none of us had a clue where we were or how to get to where we were going – ever seen that happen in life???
Well, I´ve seen it happen in my life countless times – being stuck in habits, doing things a certain way believing I was doing the right thing, just most of the time getting lost while following something outside of myself. Distrusting my self, my instincts and my inner voice and instead turning myself inside out by trying to live by others ideals.

Which brings us to a similar situation as above mentioned just a few days ago, my wife, the Marvelous Maria, and I have developed a habit of paddle boarding in the morning and the other day we were greeted by a wonderfully foggy_supsmooth see and…a lot of fog…
Frankly, the guys at the water sport center didn´t want us to go out at all…

It´s good we knew what we wanted and were willing to trust our selves, at times we didn´t even see the next buoy marking the swimmers area. Anyway we stayed our course and made it there and back again, easy as we used the tools and skills available to us.

And that´s what the Master Key´s all about for me!

In the latest post I began to write about the project I´m launching this fall to turn the downward spiraling health of the human race around and for me it´s all about addressing the kids as most adults are far to entangled in their habits to be easily accessible or even approachable.
To influence the kids we need to get into the channels of information they enjoy to use, which basically boils down to social media, gaming and conforming with their peers. Needless to say it´ll take some money to utilize the first to (and BTW that´s the way to influence the nature of peer pressure they´re conforming to).

During that SUP tour through the fog an idea was born and later refined in the sit:

Later this year, right now it looks like mid November I´ll hike major parts of the E4 trail on Cyprus, from Larnaca to the Akamas peninsula and the city of Polis, which is about 220km or 135 miles. At Agios Georgios I´ll exchange my hiking gear for a SUP board and paddle around Akamas, past Paphos and Limassol to finish at Makenzy beach in Larnaca just a few hundred meters from the start.
Right now I have all the equipment I need for the first part, though I don´t have a board, no one tagging along in a boat for safety, and no plan “B”.
On the other hand I have the power of my subconscious that already has started working in mysterious ways, bringing circumstances, friends and strangers together to make this happen and I know that I know that I know, come November I stand on exactly the right board on exactly the right time and enough people follow, share and contribute so that the greater project can be launched on schedule before the year is at it´s end!

Of course I write about the experience as often as I can get to an internet connection (if You have a satellite to spare, please let me know) and do my best to get this adventure over to You alive and kicking.

If You think I can do this or not, if You want to contribute and can or can´t do so, or just want to put a though out there, PLEASE comment below and share with Your friends what´s going on.

Mahalo, I appreciate You!

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