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Master Key Week 9 – But

A few weeks ago I was talking to another guide, Cassandra O´Neil, and mentioned an idea I had just days earlier.
I pictured myself in a tropical paradise far from civilization, at a beach with the djungel as neighbor. Living of fishing and picking coconuts, getting water from a fresh water spring nearby and using a photo voltage installation to have some access to electricity.
Living like that for a few months at the time is very appealing to me and my idea was to offer other people to join me at this remote location to really unplug from the modern world and reconnect to nature, circadian rhythm and ourselves. And charge enough to keep the place running.

One part of me went: Oh, yeah, I just gotta find the right place!!!

And another: But… Isn´t that a little extreme? You´ll seem weird! Who would want to pay for that?

Last week I wrote about feeling the need of reworking my DMP and I have to admit that my “old blueprint” has reared its ugly head more than usual during this process.

But… I want to look great in the eyes of the world and look for happiness outside of myself!

Well, sorry OBP, been there done that and don´t have time for that any more – I´m busy doing stuff that increases my happiness!

And yesterday I completed the advanced diving course with PADI, something I wanted to do for years and just didn´t get to.
Bonus twist – diving really helps connecting with the inner world, You float completely balanced, relax in the water, breath slowly and regularly and the only thing You here is Your own breathing. Really a form of moving meditation as soon as we get that “relaxing under water” part figured out 😉

So, let me end with a story about practical application of the Master Key drill, and actually I got the idea to do this during a dive last week:

As You might know I serve as vice chairman for a non profit organization working with Masseurs and Massage Therapists in Sweden and my main area of work is taking care of the organizations website. Several weeks ago we decided that the site needed to be rebuilt from scratch on a platform that worked with different devices (the old site didn´t work well with smart phones). We also decided that this should be completed before the largest Health Fair takes place this coming weekend.
Now, this was the third time in four years that site had to be rebuilt from scratch and needless to say I was not super enthused about the project, at the same time everything seemed to conspire against me.

  • moving the domain to another host took forever
  • DNS servers didn´t update as expected
  • the new theme was super advanced and I couldn´t really figure it out
  • somehow I was unable to login on the support site for that theme
  • etc…

So, I don´t easily through in the towel but this time it was close… And then I had this idea!

In the MK we use a “Service Card” to train our subconscious that we write things down, read them and get them done and… drum roll… Subby doesn´t know the difference between doing the laundry, taking out the trash and building a website…

So I put that task on my Service Card Sunday morning…

What do You think happened?

Well, Monday afternoon I found myself copy/paste the texts from the old website into the new theme, uploading the logo suddenly worked just fine, the DNS issues had sorted themselves out in the night between Sunday and Monday and everything was set and up&running by Tuesday despite needing to get some information again from outside sources.

I am not the slightest surprised that my Subby took action on the task once it was written on the Service Card as that´s basically why I put it there in the first place.

What absolutely blows my mind, though, is how it got the domain moved to the new host, DNS servers in Sweden to finally work as they should and sorted out the issues with the WP theme!

Or was this all just coincidences?

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Master Key Week 6 – Picture It

Moving into week 6 we´re starting the more passive and visual input of the progression, let´s hammer our subconscious with the message we want it ot receive!

For weeks now we got used to observe shapes and colors, now it´s time to utilize this new habit and ”the mysterious force that never sleeps” through conscious appropriation of the habits for the benefit of our dreams.

This is done not only by posting the shapes connected to our SMART goals all around the house, but also by using them as centerpieces for creating a movie poster mirroring our DMP and place this where it´s in our line of vision.

How awesome to internalize our dreams into our subconscious minds all during the day and how powerful to do it passively, without conscious action!

Now let´s take this a step further and start really internalizing our DMP into our subconscious minds!

The Subby is all about emotions and the experience of emotions and faith is all about proving through our actions that we really believe. Connecting this means that we start doing stuff that connects Subby to our DMP.

Let me give You an example…

My DMP is a lot about spending time in nature, connecting with the natural world around me and consciously choosing to evade technology. One part of my POA of getting there is to regularly serve my Subby small chunks of this connection, as it can fit into my schedule, to demonstrate my sincerity and faith on this matter. Another example from my DMP is to experience the Napali coast on a paddle board, that´s about 17 miles of wilderness with no streets to land on… How could I convince my Subby that this is a reality if I was´t prepared to SUP regularly and even demonstrate that I can do 5 miles in just about an hour under civilized circumstances?

That´s why I go out camping into the woods on a increasingly regular basis, it does´t mean You have to do that, just think about what You can actually do to trigger Your Subby in the direction of Your dream!

What does the silence mean to You? Is it important to spend time with Yourself? Or is it just about meeting the requirements?

Only You know the answer to these questions and, more importantly, only You know the impact that answer might have on Your life and the loved ones Your life will affect!

Please take these questions with You into the sit:

  1. What do I want (really)?
  2. What would it mean to me to get it?
  3. What would it mean to people close to me?
  4. What would it mean to the world?

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Master Key Week 1.2 – Definiteness of Purpose

And so week 1 of The Master Key Experience 2015 nears its end and most new members are getting their DMP’s back from their guides with comments and corrections.

Most drafts I critiqued this week were actuall pretty awesome, still they often go back to the member with lots of comments and I can understand that for some the way to a finalized DMP can feel very long and dark.

So let me start with sharing the first draft I submitted in March 2012 going through the Go90Grow Think and Grow Rich course:

“Being a living Example of Health and Abundance, roaming the World at my Leisure. Playing, resting, teaching and working on my own terms, inspiring and educating my fellow man to live healthier life in Freedom and Abundance, pursuing their Dreams and fulfilling their Purposes.”

Everyone can see that this doesn’t give Subby much meat to work with ?, and the critique I got back was accordingly:

Include these things in your DMP:
1. Emotionalize your DMP and put it in the first person….(like this):
  (Example: I’m very excited to be taking my 2 kids to Paris, France on or before Dec. 31, 2014.)
2. Include “on or before” dates that you want to achieve the things you mention.
3. Include what you are willing to give up to attain it….
4. You need to include more details (with emotion) to your DMP….
  When would you like to take your first trip?
  Where in the world would you like to go?
  How would that make you feel?
  How much money would it take to give you the liberty you desire?
  When would you like to have that money? (on or before date)

Needless to say I had to put some serious work into this and I’m eternally grateful for the help and guidance I received from Kathy and Davene.

To be candied with you I’ve rewritten my DMP several times during the last years as new
insights or manifesting parts of it made changes necessary. And I’m in the process of refining it
A DMP is a living document that evolves together with us!

Fast forward three and a half year…
  • In April 2013 the Marvelous Maria and I visited Kauai for the first time
  • September 28th 2013 we moved from Sweden to Cyprus
  • April 11th 2014 I married Maria, the girl of my dreams
  • May 2014 we’re back on Kauai for 4 weeks, honeymoon
  • We get invited to take part in the manifestation of Dave&Marks DMP to kayak the Napali coast, amazing experience
  • October 2014 I was invited to help with DMP’s in Go90Grow and now in 2015 I’m a certified guide for the Master Key Experience
  • We’ve been traveling quite a bit, visiting Barcelona, Halkidiki, Athens, Corinth, Phuket, Berlin, Kopaonik, Belgrade, Budapest
  • Did a road trip from Stockholm to Narvik and back
  • Spent five weeks driving around the S/W USA
  • Hiked the mountain range in north Sweden and Norway for 28 consecutive days
  • Visited Kauai for the third time in 2015
  • ……

And most importantly met so many magnificent people and developed deep and valuable friendships (you know who you are and I love you all)!

I didn’t list all those things to boast but rather to present an idea of what happens when we start focusing on what we really want out of life. I’m sure you figured out that traveling is a biggy for me, though most of the things on the list above I wasn’t even aware that I wanted when I wrote that first DMP draft in 2012.

So, some of you might feel you don’t know what you want. Or how to put it within 400 words, in present tense and positive language.
Maybe there is some underlying fear, it sure was like that for me…
What if it doesn’t work? What if I put my faith in this and get disappointed?

Or what if it turns out somewhat like this:

Well, I promise you this:
Deep down you know exactly what you really want, even if you don’t know that you know.
And, by using the material, doing the exercises and spend time with yourself in silence every day you can have it!

I always keep my promises 😀

So, if you’re a new member get on the webinars, do the work and use the hand on help from your guide. And if you’re not in the course yet, fill out the form below and let us invite you to join us next year!

Mahalo for visiting my blog, please leave a comment below if You have anything to share and tell Your friends if You like this!

I appreciate You!

Week 1 – Educing Beauty

So the Master Key Experience had once again started and new members are commencing on their greatest journey, the journey of self discovery.
And one of the first steps is to write a DMP (Definite Major Purpose), what a wonderful task to engage in. Writing out the future we intend and plan for ourselves for most people is both exciting and a little intimidating. And we have many questions!

What if I get it wrong?
How can I know my future?
Do I even know what I want?

Please let me share this short video I made for new members and also for people who are not yet in the Master Key as a few minutes of encouragement:

Mahalo for visiting my blog, please leave a comment below if You have anything to share!

I appreciate You!

Finally back on the grid – ready, set, GO!!!

First let me say that this post is really long over due – I just could´t bring myself to write anything after we got back from the hike. It was unexplainable even to myself as I normally have no resistance at all to writing and usually just get it done without any major effort.

So, let´s take this back a step or two!

I´ve been hiking my entire adult life, spending time in nature has always been a sanctuary for me – a way to refresh my soul and charge my being with new energy and all the time I have been feeling very “at home” during my excursions.

The difference this time was threefold (not mentioning having the privilege of sharing the experience with Maria):

  • the length of time spent in nature – almost double as long as any preceding experience
  • for the first time I felt that I was really living the experience, not merely using the break from ordinary life as a means for survival
  • I had been through the Master Key Experience and was more connected with myself than ever before

The good news here are that I enjoyed every bit of the hike more than I can remember ever have enjoyed my previous ones. I wasn´t even annoyed be the uncontrollable things like weather, bugs, etc but rather accepted them and did what I could to be comfortable, using the law of substitution and the law of growth and choose to focus on what was extraordinary wonderful in each situation. And there was plenty ;-)!

We had some absolutely fantastic experiences in the wild, from beautiful hiking days in marvelous weather conditions to the crossing of mountain passes that are only possible under the right conditions. We met quite a few really nice people, though we spent most of the time alone, just the two of us. Conversations came up more sparingly the longer we´d been out there, spending time together, sharing the experience and retreating into our own minds and thoughts seemed to be entirely sufficient and we walked a lot in silence.

Every day was an adventure of sorts, new ground to break, rivers to cross, mountains to climb and weather conditions to handle. Over time our packs became increasingly easier to carry which in turned opened for more challenging trips. At the start Maria´s backpack weighted 28kg (60lbs) and mine 32kg (70lbs), frankly more than just a tad to heavy… Four weeks later Maria´s was at 13kg and mine 18kg, a considerable difference.

And, the best of it all, after virtually spending time together 24/7 for 28 straight days my marvelous wife and I had come even closer to each other and were getting along wonderfully, or better than that, during the entire trip – how´s that for being soul mates?!

And now You´d expect somebody news, right?

Well, there aren´t any – at least not in the sense of the word “bad”! Definitely different, though 😀

Frankly, this trip really messed with my sense of being and I didn´t even notice until we were back in Stockholm. Out there in the wild I experienced a profound sense of
self and natural being, it became obvious that this is the kind of life I am hpeople-say-that-what-were-all-seeking-is-a-meaning-for-life-joseph-campbellard wired for and the cement kept chipping away. On a subconscious level I must have started questioning my entire life style and how dependent I thought I was on being present online, reachable, visible on social media etc and it occurred to me that living takes place in the here, the now and ph
ysically – not then, there and digitally.
Of course I knew that on an intellectual level – now it just hit me emotional


And the result was a pretty serious cultural and emotional shock when I came back, I basically panicked and in many ways withdrew from the world to find ways to cope. Only finding the strength to do a minimun online, like sending out a few emails about the MK launch etc.

As my good friend and mentor Mark J likes to say: “You gotta love irony!”

Here I am after completing the Master Key Experience, studying to be a certified guide and finally coming full circle for my own life. More or less shredding my DMP, questioning my PPN´s and returning to the sit once again with the question “What do I want?”
Just from a slightly different angle – looking not only to design my future life for my future self but also defining what my life needs to look like right now to give myself the best possible circumstances to eddies, evolve and develop my future self.

And that´s were I stand today, rewriting my DMP to include new insights, designing my days to fit my needs and so far I´ve added just a few bullet points to my plan of action:

  • spend an hour or more outside daily, every day
  • schedule time for fun and physical activities between work sessions and keep work short and focused
  • write one post or more every week from my heart

Gratefully looking forward to go through the Master Key once more and that I can serve as a guide to help others take part in the experience. I hope to see You on the webinars and in the alliances, if not this year then one of the following!

Mahalo for visiting my blog, please leave a comment below if You have anything to share!
I appreciate You!

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Let´s start moving on that compass

I don´t know if You´ve ever been in that situation but a few years ago I was hiking with a friend, both him and I very used to move around in the mountains combining some 45 years of experience. With just one more night left we start in the morning and pretty soon get wrapped up in low clouds with visibility down to virtually 15 meters or less at times.compass
As we both knew the area from several previous tours we committed the cardinal mistake of convincing ourselves that we knew where we were going and just didn´t unpack the compass…

Needless to say we got ourselves in a situation where none of us had a clue where we were or how to get to where we were going – ever seen that happen in life???
Well, I´ve seen it happen in my life countless times – being stuck in habits, doing things a certain way believing I was doing the right thing, just most of the time getting lost while following something outside of myself. Distrusting my self, my instincts and my inner voice and instead turning myself inside out by trying to live by others ideals.

Which brings us to a similar situation as above mentioned just a few days ago, my wife, the Marvelous Maria, and I have developed a habit of paddle boarding in the morning and the other day we were greeted by a wonderfully foggy_supsmooth see and…a lot of fog…
Frankly, the guys at the water sport center didn´t want us to go out at all…

It´s good we knew what we wanted and were willing to trust our selves, at times we didn´t even see the next buoy marking the swimmers area. Anyway we stayed our course and made it there and back again, easy as we used the tools and skills available to us.

And that´s what the Master Key´s all about for me!

In the latest post I began to write about the project I´m launching this fall to turn the downward spiraling health of the human race around and for me it´s all about addressing the kids as most adults are far to entangled in their habits to be easily accessible or even approachable.
To influence the kids we need to get into the channels of information they enjoy to use, which basically boils down to social media, gaming and conforming with their peers. Needless to say it´ll take some money to utilize the first to (and BTW that´s the way to influence the nature of peer pressure they´re conforming to).

During that SUP tour through the fog an idea was born and later refined in the sit:

Later this year, right now it looks like mid November I´ll hike major parts of the E4 trail on Cyprus, from Larnaca to the Akamas peninsula and the city of Polis, which is about 220km or 135 miles. At Agios Georgios I´ll exchange my hiking gear for a SUP board and paddle around Akamas, past Paphos and Limassol to finish at Makenzy beach in Larnaca just a few hundred meters from the start.
Right now I have all the equipment I need for the first part, though I don´t have a board, no one tagging along in a boat for safety, and no plan “B”.
On the other hand I have the power of my subconscious that already has started working in mysterious ways, bringing circumstances, friends and strangers together to make this happen and I know that I know that I know, come November I stand on exactly the right board on exactly the right time and enough people follow, share and contribute so that the greater project can be launched on schedule before the year is at it´s end!

Of course I write about the experience as often as I can get to an internet connection (if You have a satellite to spare, please let me know) and do my best to get this adventure over to You alive and kicking.

If You think I can do this or not, if You want to contribute and can or can´t do so, or just want to put a though out there, PLEASE comment below and share with Your friends what´s going on.

Mahalo, I appreciate You!

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And finally I´m late…

So, I´m late posting my weekly post after having it out there mostly early and always on time for 26 weeks in a row (and thanks to my wonderful guide, Sandra, for the praise) – the funniest part here being that I actually started the work way early (on Monday) by recording this video:

And between The Marvelous Maria and myself being busy manifesting this part of an earlier DMP – this trip was actually in my first draft for the MK, though I couldn´t be specific enough about it and so I left it out, knowing that somehow it would all turn out right anyway – I experienced a major lack of internet connection.
No matter where we were looking for wifi, it either didn´t connect or was to amazingly slow to be worth dealing with – most of the time I couldn´t even find cell phone coverage.

Which, my friend, of course means that we were far enough “off” to really enjoy peace in nature and amazingly enough (for me, at least…) I wasn´t the slitest stressed out about being late.

The point here, though, is in the picture below of the dreamboard I had on the wall before I even started the MK experience:


And even if I don´t have the equipment to get this finish anyone must admit that a few of the pictures on there:

GrandCanyon_3 GrandCanyon_2 GrandCanyon_1

show the same part of the world as in my album from this trip here.

So, if this was manifested effortlessly just because I had carried these pics in my mind long enough for the subconscious to start attracting them, and if (which I´m convinced of…) the process of going through the MK experience greatly enhanced the speed of their manifestation – it stands to imagine how much faster one can manifest a DMP that actually builds on the right principles AND utilizes the methods taught during the course!

It´s said that “curiosity killed the cat” – won´t You agree that it also brought about most of the goodies we see in the world today?
Will You get curious of what You can manifest?

I hope so 😉 !!!

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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Week 11 – Change

“It is well, however, to remember that while every effect is the result of a cause, the effect in turn becomes a cause, which creates other effects, which in turn create still other causes; so that when you put the law of attraction into operation you must remember that you are starting a train of causation for good or otherwise which may have endless possibilities.”
Charles Haanel, “The Master Key System” Part 11

I´ve always had important knowledge come kind of backwards into my life, often I experienced something new and then later learned what it ment by reading about something similar or hearing it brought up in conversation.
Now I´m in this remarkable place of being honored with changing one of my PPN´s and I´ve had the feeling that this would be necessary for quite a while now and even discussed it with my guide as well as Mark this past weekend.
Since I first did the PPN exercise with Go90Grow in spring 2012 I´ve had not a shadow of a doubt the the oxygen of my soul consists of “Liberty” and “Autonomy”.
Just these last few weeks I started feeling less connected to the latter…

Monday morning it hit me:

“1. Inductive reasoning is the process of the objective mind by which we compare a number of separate instances with one another until we see the common factor that gives rise to them all.  2. Induction proceeds by comparison of facts; it is this method of studying nature which has resulted in the discovery of a reign of law which has marked an epoch in human progress.
3. It is the dividing line between superstition and intelligence; it has eliminated the elements of uncertainty and caprice from men’s lives and substituted law, reason, and certitude.
4. It is the “Watchman at the Gate” mentioned in a former lesson.
5. When, by virtue of this principle, the world to which the senses were accustomed had been revolutionized; when the sun had been arrested in his course, the apparently flat earth had been shaped into a ball and set whirling around him; when the inert matter had been resolved into active elements, and the universe presented itself wherever we directed the telescope and microscope, full of force, motion and life; we are constrained to ask by what possible means the delicate forms of organization in the midst of it are kept in order and repair.”
Charles Haanel, “The Master Key System” Part 11

So, lets look at Autonomy
Merriam-Webster (fittingly enough “An Encyclopaedia Brittanica Company”) says:

  1. the quality or state of being self-governingespecially :  the right of self-government
  2. self-directing freedom and especially moral independence
  3. a self-governing state
  4. the quality or state of being independent, free, and self-directing
  5. independence from the organism as a whole in the capacity of a part for growth, reactivity, or responsiveness

The blue parts would refer to an individual and here are the good news hidden…

Since we moved to Cyprus over a year ago I have appropriated that sort of freedom and independence for myself.

  • 2014-12-07 14.09.57I plan my days as I please (and not to far ahead) with no need to report to or confer with anyone in that regard except by my own choice as in case with my wife
  • There´s no place I need to show up at a certain time I haven´t deliberately chosen myself
  • I accept the full responsibility for my choices and live my life governed by integrity and moral values

So what basically bugged me for weeks was the feeling of striving for something that was already part of my life.
Just imagine for a moment, if You will, the power of the human mind and the material we´re working with here!

In the late spring of 2012 I was struggling in NWM, frustrated with my life and just starting getting really serious with a woman I didn´t feel worthy of at the time.
I stumbled onto Go90Grow, started with “Think&Grow Rich”, defined my PPN´s and started working on my DMP. Got my first draft rejected (yes, seriously, and rightly so – it was awful) by the Fabulous Davene, rewrote it quite a few times and finally got it straightened out enough to make it work.

Fast forward just 2,5 short years and I already incorporated one of my PPN´s into my every dayfollowbliss life, I´m married to that woman (my Marvelous Maria), we´re happier than ever and experience this Master Key together. My business is growing and I enjoy a degree of self esteem, peace of mind and faith towards my future that I never thought possible at that day in 2012 when I typed in my CC details.

Yet, I must have had this picture in my mind. And as murky, fuzzy and indefinite it was at times, still the benevolent laws of the universe amplified it to the extent that I now live it:

“18. We are first to believe that our desire has already been fulfilled, its
accomplishment will then follow. This is a concise direction for making use of the
creative power of thought by impressing on the Universal subjective mind, the
particular thing which we desire as an already existing fact.
19. We are thus thinking on the plane of the absolute and eliminating all
consideration of conditions or limitation and are planting a seed which, if left
undisturbed, will finally germinate into external fruition.
20. To review: Inductive reasoning is the process of the objective mind, by which
we compare a number of separate instances with one another until we see the
common factor that gives rise to them all. We see people in every civilized country
on the globe, securing results by some process which they do not seem to
understand themselves, and to which they usually attach more or less mystery. Our
reason is given to us for the purpose of ascertaining the law by which these results
are accomplished.
21. The operation of this thought process is seen in those fortunate natures that
possess everything that others must acquire by toil, who never have a struggle with
conscience because they always act correctly, and can never conduct themselves
otherwise than with tact, learn everything easily, complete everything they begin
with a happy knack, live in eternal harmony with themselves, without ever
reflecting much what they do, or ever experiencing difficulty or toil.
22. The fruit of this thought is, as it were, a gift of the gods, but a gift which few as
yet realize, appreciate, or understand. The recognition of the marvelous power
which is possessed by the mind under proper conditions and the fact that this
power can be utilized, directed, and made available for the solution of every human
problem is of transcendental importance.”
Charles Haanel, “The Master Key System” Part 11

And I´m immensely grateful being able to help a few people refining their DMP´s, returning the favor Dave did me back then and be of service to others who have their own journey in front of them.

Which again lets me experience before I learn, my new PPN “legacy”, has been growing increasingly more important in me. I´m honored and humbled to re-think, re-feel and re-write my DMP to embrace the change in me and how this affects my future self. Skärmklipp 2014-12-10 23.43.57
As a yellow my natural notion is to rush into this task and it just fills me with awe how brilliantly orchestrated this experience is as
I´d already planned a solo hike this coming weekend which now presents itself us the perfect opportunity to give this act of service to my future self the attention it needs.

Mahalo for taking the time to read this post, I appreciate You!