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Master Key Week 9 – But

A few weeks ago I was talking to another guide, Cassandra O´Neil, and mentioned an idea I had just days earlier.
I pictured myself in a tropical paradise far from civilization, at a beach with the djungel as neighbor. Living of fishing and picking coconuts, getting water from a fresh water spring nearby and using a photo voltage installation to have some access to electricity.
Living like that for a few months at the time is very appealing to me and my idea was to offer other people to join me at this remote location to really unplug from the modern world and reconnect to nature, circadian rhythm and ourselves. And charge enough to keep the place running.

One part of me went: Oh, yeah, I just gotta find the right place!!!

And another: But… Isn´t that a little extreme? You´ll seem weird! Who would want to pay for that?

Last week I wrote about feeling the need of reworking my DMP and I have to admit that my “old blueprint” has reared its ugly head more than usual during this process.

But… I want to look great in the eyes of the world and look for happiness outside of myself!

Well, sorry OBP, been there done that and don´t have time for that any more – I´m busy doing stuff that increases my happiness!

And yesterday I completed the advanced diving course with PADI, something I wanted to do for years and just didn´t get to.
Bonus twist – diving really helps connecting with the inner world, You float completely balanced, relax in the water, breath slowly and regularly and the only thing You here is Your own breathing. Really a form of moving meditation as soon as we get that “relaxing under water” part figured out 😉

So, let me end with a story about practical application of the Master Key drill, and actually I got the idea to do this during a dive last week:

As You might know I serve as vice chairman for a non profit organization working with Masseurs and Massage Therapists in Sweden and my main area of work is taking care of the organizations website. Several weeks ago we decided that the site needed to be rebuilt from scratch on a platform that worked with different devices (the old site didn´t work well with smart phones). We also decided that this should be completed before the largest Health Fair takes place this coming weekend.
Now, this was the third time in four years that site had to be rebuilt from scratch and needless to say I was not super enthused about the project, at the same time everything seemed to conspire against me.

  • moving the domain to another host took forever
  • DNS servers didn´t update as expected
  • the new theme was super advanced and I couldn´t really figure it out
  • somehow I was unable to login on the support site for that theme
  • etc…

So, I don´t easily through in the towel but this time it was close… And then I had this idea!

In the MK we use a “Service Card” to train our subconscious that we write things down, read them and get them done and… drum roll… Subby doesn´t know the difference between doing the laundry, taking out the trash and building a website…

So I put that task on my Service Card Sunday morning…

What do You think happened?

Well, Monday afternoon I found myself copy/paste the texts from the old website into the new theme, uploading the logo suddenly worked just fine, the DNS issues had sorted themselves out in the night between Sunday and Monday and everything was set and up&running by Tuesday despite needing to get some information again from outside sources.

I am not the slightest surprised that my Subby took action on the task once it was written on the Service Card as that´s basically why I put it there in the first place.

What absolutely blows my mind, though, is how it got the domain moved to the new host, DNS servers in Sweden to finally work as they should and sorted out the issues with the WP theme!

Or was this all just coincidences?

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Master Key – Week 3: Practice the Habit

There´s an old story I read many times and never remember where it originated or where I read/heard it first – I just like it and it so beautifully fits into this weeks Master Key Experience. For me, myself and I anyway…can´t say it´s the same for everyone 😉

As I don´t know where to find it I decided to paraphrase so You just have to bear with me and, if You know the story, please excuse any butchering on my part!

Once upon a time there was a young, promising violinist who was looking for a new teacher to help him develop his talent faster. Several of his peers told him to see an elderly lady with the reputation of advancing her students skills faster than anyone else in her craft.
As the young man called on the teacher she was rather reluctant in taking on any new student and he became increasingly desperate to have her accept him. At last he persuaded her to give him a chance to demonstrate his talent and got a ridiculously complicated and fast piece to play. Performing far below par he was asked to practice the piece for a week and then come back again.
One week later the student appeared at the ladys studio prepared with many hours of practice just to find a completely different, and even harder to play, piece on the note stand. Again he performed clearly below what he expected of himself and was sent home with the same instructions as the week before.
And so it went on for weeks and weeks, every week the student showed up after practicing his homework every waking hour – and every week he got a harder piece to play, a piece just above his current ability.
One day he just couldn´t take “it” anymore, he wanted to show his teacher what a musician he was and being presented with new pieces, all slightly above his ability, every week got him to a point or frustration where he was unable to hold himself back and he exploded during a lesson.
“How can I ever demonstrate my progress when You treat me this way?” he yelled and through the sheets on the floor.
His teacher looked at him calmly, brought out the sheet from his first lesson, that had caused him so much difficulty, and asked him to play.
Stunned the young man set his violin and played the difficult piece with a true virtuosity.”

And what is the connection to the Master Key?

So glad You asked ;-)!!!

This week we were asked to take out the word “will” from the scroll we´re reading and read it in present tense.
Last year I found this quite difficult, even after crossing the word out thoroughly I still mentally (and verbally) continued to read it for some time…

Now i didn´t even have to score out the word “will” or make any changes to the text, I just read by it and make the changes automatically.
Fascinating how the mind got trained almost without myself noticing :-D, and quite encouraging for everyone who sticks with the exercises!

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