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Master Key Week 7 – Inexplicable things

You know how Mark, Dave and Trish always talk about “inexplicable things” that happen?

Well, this last weekend I was enjoying an absolutely fantastic trip to one of the best hotels in Cyprus arranged by a company I work with. Outstanding accommodation, brilliant itinerary and marvelous people. Saturday we went on a jeep safari, I ended up in a vehicle with a group that was a perfect fit for me, crazy funny driver, a lady (Bez) from Brooklyn who took her daughter Brianna on a four-day-trip to Cyprus for her 16th birthday, Latina from Florida, Hayley Mix (yes, that´s her real last name) and, last but not least, Mr Phil (Philip) from Nigeria living in London.

During the drive I recorder this short video:

Turns out that Hayley works as a sales person for medical equipment and naturally meets a lot of MD´s. One of them, who regularly meets cancer patients in the last stage of life, told her a story that she passes on to us later in the car and was kind enough to repeat for me on video:

Isn´t that awesome?

Lets apply this to what we´re doing here!

If virtually everyone (assuming other doctors have the same experience with dying patients) of us will, in the final analysis of things, find experiencing life and interacting with loved ones more important than careers and money, why don´t just go for those things?

What does science has to say? Dr Joe Dispenza:

So everyone going through this Master Key Experience is absolutely spot on and it´s getting even better – we´re in a peer group that actually supports us in our efforts to change and grow into the person we intend and are intended to become.

How cool is that???

Shooting a video in a car just to get the importance of that verified by a true story told virtually just minutes later, followed by fretting out the video with Dr Joe while actually looking for something else…

How did that happen?

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