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Master Key week 16.2 – Guest blogger Martin

Week 16 is the week when we really focus on kindness in the Master Key Experience, here´s Martins post for the week!


Week 16 – Kindness and consciousness

This weeks exercise from Haanel is as follows – “For your exercise this week, try to bring yourself to a realization of the important fact that harmony and happiness are states of consciousness and do not depend upon the possession of things. That things are effects and come as a consequence of correct mental states. So that if we desire material possession of any kind our chief concern should be to acquire the mental attitude which will bring about the result desired. This mental attitude is brought about by a realization of our spiritual nature and our unity with the Universal Mind which is the substance of all things. ….

The 1st sentence really “hit” me this week. The dictionary defines consciousness as “A person’s awareness or perception of something”. Haanel only refers to the word consciousness once, and thereafter the refers to “mental attitude”, to me these two words describe it better than my dictionary definition.

So happiness and harmony are mental attitudes, that do not depend on the possessions of things.

In 16.5 he states – “Wealth should then never be desired as an end, but simply as a means of accomplishing an end. Success is contingent upon a higher ideal than the mere accumulation of riches, and he who aspires to such success must formulate an ideal for which he is willing to strive”.

So the possession of wealth (things), should not be our final goal (ideal), but merely the means with to accomplish our ideal. If the possession of wealth doesn’t result in happiness, the only purpose of wealth is to use it for purposes of our ideal.

This is the purpose of our DMP, and we need to ensure that it contains an ideal, which is not merely the accumulation of wealth.

This week we are all as a Group Master Mind to focus on kindness. In other words to create a mental attitude of kindness. I’m pretty sure this is no coincidence that we are required to acquire this mental attitude the same week Haanel talks about mental attitudes.

This week has resulted in a remarkable change of my attitude. I have instantly become a better person. It’s been really cool. What’s been interesting is that work challenges have been a breeze, and that we received a favourable response from SARS (IRS for those in the states), within a week. This in unheard of. It normally takes a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks for these types of matters to be resolved. Coincidence? I leave each one to draw their own conclusion.

I am in the process of rebuilding and modifying my mental attitude. I am also looking deeply at my higher ideal.

Kindness be the path.

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Master Key week 11.2 – Guest Blogger Sonia

Please meet another member of my tribe, Sonia, who really hit home with this post on being true to ourselves! Enjoy 😀

Master Key Week 11 – Speaking Truth

We are working so hard on the world within, working to literally change our brains. I have come to appreciate the importance of what I tell myself, and the words I keep repeating to myself. Something that would be insignificant to one person might not be at all insignificant to someone else. Even with all that we have learned, I still don’t think we fully realize how carefully our subconscious listens to what we say.

For example, the affirmation “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, etc.” just didn’t feel right. Finally, I realized why. I reflected on the concept of the DMP. It is supposed to be something we feel we are called to do. For me, the following change made everything fall into place, and feel right for me. What was bothering me might not seem important to anyone else, but it made a big difference in how I felt repeating that affirmation. Suddenly, it was easy, and I was ‘in the flow’.

I was not comfortable saying “I am perfect” In the Judaeo-Christian tradition, there is only One who is perfect. I once knew a man who collected priceless Persian carpets. He had been told that the people weaving the carpets would deliberately create a small flaw in the carpet, so it would not be perfect. Again, in their tradition, there is only One who is perfect. I now say: “For what God has called me to do, I am whole perfect, strong, etc. I know that is true, so I can comfortably and confidently affirm it.

I first started to be aware of how carefully the subconscious listens when I was trying to learn techniques for guided relaxation and meditation. My teacher gave me the following image. You are walking toward a beautiful beach in the Caribbean. The sun is shinning on the blue water where all kinds of colorful little fish are swimming all around. You must go down a set of stairs to reach this beach. With each step down the stairs, you feel yourself becoming more relaxed.

I tried everything to reach that fantastic point where you are in the image and all the beautiful things start happening. Nothing was working. Then I realized why. My subconscious was resisting. It knew I could not go on that beach when the sun was shinning brightly because I would have a bad sunburn in thirty seconds!

So, we changed the image so that I was walking in a deeply wooded forest where the trees filtered the sun so that only soft light came through. That image was successful because my subconscious knew I was safe there. I could relax.


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Master Key Week 8.2 – Guest Blogger Nola

Having been in the field of manual medicin for over 20 years and keeping an open mind through these years I thought that I heard about most stuff going on.
Turned out I missed something rather remarkable that Nola addresses in her week 8 post:

Week 8 – MKMMA – 7 Day Mental Diet

This week has flown and it hasn’t all been easy sailing.

My PPN’s are True Health and Legacy.

I’ve had little or no motivation for my physical activity over the past little while. This is not normal for me as I love being physically active, have a regular fitness practice etc etc etc. When I’m not active, my mind can somtimes slip and slide allowing my beautiful and evolving blueprint to become susceptible to outside influences. It’s an even more challenging time when my biorhythms are out of whack.

This week has been particularly difficult for me, so I thought I’d check my personal biorhythm chart for +/-30 days and was relieved to see I am not really going crazy. It’s just that my biorythms are out of balance and playing havoc. I’ll blame them (my biorythms) for sending me back to the beginning of my mental diet regularly this week.

The word biorhythm is a compound of two Greek words, bios and rhythmos, which mean life and a constant or periodic beat. The theory of biorhythms defines and measures three basic and important life cycles in man and woman: the physical, emotional, and intellectual.

For those who are interested, my Biorythm Chart + / – 30 days
NB: Emotional, Intuition, Wisdom

Classic cycles – 2015 – 11 – 22

Classic cycles

Physical 94%
Emotional -62%
Intellectual 69%
Overall 34%

Additional cycles – 2015 – 11 – 22

Additional cycles

Spiritual 74%
Awareness 99%
Aesthetic 36%
Intuition -61%

Secondary (combined) cycles – 2015 – 11 – 22

Secondary (combined) cycles

Passion 16%
Wisdom 3%
Mastery 82%

The scores of personal attributes normally at my disposal, helping me create and manage what is usually a wonderful life eg:, my emotional state, my Intuition – which is normally great, and any wisdom I have gained on my journey thus far, are really a bit sad. Could it be something about an old blueprint lurking around?

Thankfully I know the above results are only temporary and before I know it, I’ll be back into my fitness routine. There is nothing too sinister going on – it’s just the bodys natural cycle. Sometimes we have high energy, other times we have low energy. Suck it up!

In the meantime and until I regain my balance, I am reading GS, my movie trailer, the BPB, my DMP as well as my Press Release and it’s amazing how by simply reading over the hand written notes, the relief I obtain from the mental monkey scampering around between my ears at this time. Magical!

I’m grateful for the last 8 weeks and I always keep my promises.

Biorhythms – True or False?
Whether my biorhrythms are responsible for this past week or not, I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks blog.

Have a great week.

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Master Key Week 7.2 – Guest Blogger Martin on “Will”

So, this weekend has been special to me in several ways, I´m spending it in Macedonia, Greece, at a marvelous mountain resort and visits to same amazing places.
And an internet connection that barely allows me to send a tweet – lots of chances to remind me that I meet every day, person and situation with love in my heart 😀

With that let me give You this weeks (well, actually last weeks – yesterday I could not post…) guest blogger who baffled me with his determination looking up the seemingly simple word “will” in a dictionary.

And I´m so glad he did that for all of us!

Here´s Martins post for week 7:

Week 7 – To will or not to will

This has been an interesting week. Some good progress, but also a tough week, with energy levels lower than the past 6 weeks.

When we switched across to the new scroll, we were told to read the “wills” again. As it is against my “will” (refer to the 5th meaning below) to mark any book permanently, I mentally removed the wills. The result of this was that for the first couple of days I was automatically leaving the wills out, out of will.

I then started focussing on them, and intentionally emphasised them. This brought the scroll to life. I realised that the word felt different in the various sentences. I grabbed a dictionary (on-line), and found the following meanings for this simple little word

1 Expressing the futuretense: you will regret it when you are older

1.1 Expressing a strong intention or assertion about the future: come what may, I will succeed

2 Expressing inevitable events: accidents will happen

3 Expressing desire, consent, or willingness: will you have a cognac?

4 Expressing facts about ability or capacity: a rock so light that it will float on wateryour tank will hold about 26 gallons

5 Expressing habitualbehaviour: she will dance for hours

6 Expressing probability or expectation or faith (my addition) about something in the present: they will be miles away by now

These different meanings have added interesting interpretations to the scroll. It has also assisted me to add meaning to the affirmation from 4.9 of Haanel’s Master Keys “I can be what I will to be”. On that note I subscribe to a service called “Notes from the Universe”, and I received this note yesterday – “Martin, it’s as if YOU were custom designed to have a fabulous definite major purpose alligned with my needs. It’s perfect for you.” How awesome is this – “I can be what I will to be”.

Week 7 of Master Keys, has been an “eye opener” for me. I really can’t highlight any aspect of it, as I would just be repeating the whole lesson. The “Power” we have is incredible, and we are well on the way to developing it. Like many in the alliance section, I have had difficulty “seeing” my friends face when I close my eyes, but can easily “see” him in my minds eye. I need to put in some hard mental labour as mentioned in par 7.4.

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Master Key Week 2.2 – All in?

I made the decision to share entries from other bloggers that made an impact on me during the week and first out is Martin who is one of the members I help guide through the Master Key Experience.

Don´t know if You´re at all familiar with the game Texas Hold’em but it´s said about the game that You cannot win without going all in, what means betting everything You have.

procrastinationMost members reach a point where we go “all in” into the MKE, everyone gets triggered by
different things at different times and here I give You
Martin who made a definite decision to walk away from “being a procrastinator”.

Congratulation on the decision, Martin!

“The most valuable result of all education is to make you do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not. It is the first lesson that ought to be learned. And however early a man’s training begins, it is probably the last lesson he learns thoroughly” – Introductory quote to Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Secret in the World”

I have a confession. Listen closely, I’m going to whisper it – “I am a procrastinator”.

There I’ve said it. I have not achieved the “most valuable result” as mentioned above.

Tony Robbins tells us that we function based on pain and pleasure, and that if we can associate massive pain with not changing, and massive pleasure with changing immediately, we can change the behaviour. I am not disputing the science or the fact that this works, but I can honestly say I haven’t been able to get it to work for me.

I got very excited on Sunday when Mark said the following “Give Us 4 weeks of 100% harmony and You’ll eliminate fear & procrastination”. I can tell you that got my attention. I am doing exactly as instructed, and will be in 100% harmony for the next 4 weeks.

Watch this space, I am going to learn this lesson thoroughly.

Thanks Mark and team. I feel privileged and blessed to be part of this experience.

I’m out of here with the sound of Mark saying “DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW” still ringing in my ears, to go and do it now.

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