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Master Key week 17 – You gotta love Master Mind

Hey, as You know I´m usually a pretty up-beat and positive guy and admitting that I just have some of the absolutely worst weeks in memory doesn´t come easy…

That said (apologizing for being murky here, just not ready to write about the full experience) , life sometimes throws us a curveball that´s more difficult to handle and those are the times when preparation, skills and habits really hit the road.

If You followed this blog for some time You know that one of the first and foremost benefits I got was that I´ve stopped “sweat the small stuff” – and so it´s very interesting to observe my reactions when facing radical unwanted and unexpected changes in my life without having any option to influence the situation.

So, first of all I just love the gratitude exercise – finding the three things to be grateful for every morning (and journal about a positive experience or thought from the day before) really sets me up for finding more things to be grateful for and avoid getting stuck with negatives, habitually focusing on positives for years really helps when seemingly negative things happen.

Secondly, the drill has been so helpful – reading my DMP and POA out loud so many times has programed my mind to get the stuff that´s on the card done. Regardless if I feel like it or not (and, frankly, when it hurts inside it´s easy not feel like doing stuff), “just” because I keep my promises.
And it´s just amazing how I always feel a lot better about myself, the world and my life after I kept my promises then I would if I just didn´t do the work!

Think about this – only a year or so ago I found it hard to talk to 2 people/day even 4-5 days/week. Now, with my life turned upside down, I talk to 10 or more every day (yes, even weekends) and it feels easy!
That´s the power of telling Subby what´s supposed to be done after having trained it with proven methods.

Thirdly, knowing the difference between what I can control and what not and really (that´s for real REALLY) focus on the things I can do. Thereby letting the rest, and the results of my efforts, take care of themselves. As they always will!

And, last but not least, the wonderful people I mastermind with and who I got as friends because of this course. Especially Lance Botha from South Africa who helps keep me on track every single day through a short laser call in the morning.
I´m so grateful for him taking this time out of his schedule every day and this is a great contribution to my staying on track!

Best thing about that is that the law of compensation immediately rewards his kindness with additional success in his own endeavors!

For me combining the three quotes below sum up the benefits I´ve experienced over the last couple of weeks thanks to the Master Key.
I´ve surprised myself with how I´ve thought, felt and behaved while facing a devastating situation and I´m forever grateful that I did the work that over time put me in a place better than I ever imagined!

“No one makes it without a Master Mind”, Napoleon Hill

“You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.”, Charles Haanel

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”, Joseph Campbell

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It´s all about growth

So how come the Master Key Experience represents such a break through for many members?
Why do more and more people spread the hashtags #MasterKeyExperience, #NothingLikeIt and #TheresNothingLikeIt on social media?

Well, first let us look at what drives hundreds and even thousands of people, of whom many never ever wrote a blog before (among them myself) to start posting every week for six months and beyond.
Of course it´s a requirement, and I think that´s why many people do it in the beginning, though from personal experience I can say that my reason shifted fairly early during the course because I felt that it really worked.
My focus moved because of the different lessons and exercises we went through and i felt that my life started to change for the better, I was growing!

So, having been a customer and explorer of the “self-help” industry and into personal development for quite a few years – what was the difference?

At first I neither understood nor appreciated it, though later during the course my perception changed and with increased understanding it occurred to me that  the real value of the Master Key Experience and as You can see from the video there are quite some challenges when trying to make changes and that´s why I (and I think many with me) never really followed through before while working on my own.

The biggest game changer for me with the MK was that it finally provided an environment for change and a group of like minded individuals working towards similar ends.
An environment that does not only allow us to grow but actually facilitates growth – and everybody knows that growth is our natural state and we feel our best when we are growing!

If You think about that, it´pretty close to Hills definition of a true mastermind which to me explain the effectiveness of the course!

I cannot recommend highly enough that You give Yourself the gift of joining the next course and if it was a long time ago You learned new material and You think You might get overwhelmed, then rest assured that Your guide and other members will be there for You.

BTW, if the bird below can figure out that puzzle, for sure we can figure out our own lives and what we want them to be like 😀

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To decide or not to decide – that´s the question…

This is the week after the MKMMA Live Event in Kauai 2015, showcasing one of the most life changing,mind boggling and valuable events of my life I´M almost overwhelmed be the support, love and connection I feel from all the wonderful people I´ve met during these days.
The MK experience is all about taking charge of our life and to learn a very practical way of doing just that – I wish it upon You and Your loved ones, give it a shot and see how You like Your “new You”!

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Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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