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Master Key week 13 – One of my Talents

“I persist until I succeed.
Henceforth, I consider each day’s effort as but one blow of my blade against a mighty oak.
The first blow may cause not a tremor in the wood, nor the second, nor the third.
Each blow, of itself, may be trifling, and seem of no consequence.
Yet from childish swipes the oak eventually tumble. So it be with my efforts of today. 
I am likened to the rain drop which washes away the mountain; the ant who devours a tiger; the star which brightens the earth; the slave who builds a pyramid.
I build my castle one brick at a time for I know that small attempts, repeated, complete any undertaking.”
Og Mandino, “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, from the Scroll marked III (modified into present tense)

Sometimes it takes a few times before the message gets passed the defenses in for of the stories we tell ourselves and in this case I was almost painfully slow in admitting the fact that I still had a long way to go before this paragraph would be a description of me and my conduct…

I´ve read this passage a total of (give or take) 150 times between the MKE 2014 and 2015, never feeling quite comfortable and most of the time rushing past it to avoid having to confront myself.

Finally, the other day, I had to admit to myself that I possess an almost unlimited talent for instant gratification.

I´ve ’always’ known that I had to work on bettering my follow through and that the steady grind (yeah, maybe the way I think of it has something to do with the reluctance) of finishing what I started never came easy to me leaving me with half finished projects, registered domains and websites entirely without content and a long list of prospects lost in the process.

Many times I have shown a tendency to mark things of as ‘not that important’ and take an easy way out when they seem tedious and just go do something else that´s more fun or interesting at that moment.
Of course that thing does never go away but pops up all the time and disturbs my peace of mind… 😉

So, why do I bring up this apparently negative issue?

Well, because it´s mostly resolved at this time, through the exercises and progression throughout this course, and I just got reminded of it yesterday when I finally asked my dear friend (and one of my MMA partner) Izanna for help with something that had bothered me for some time already…
Once again the power of a mastermind came into play and the issue (that had bothered me for weeks…) was solved in a few minutes. And the best part – I learned some cool new stuff :-D!!!

The irony here is how much needless irritation I could have saved myself by just asking earlier… I´ve know both Izanna and Marea for over two years and could have just asked – isn´t it funny how an old behavioral habit can keep one in pain instead of asking a friend for help???

Anyway, this reminder made me start researching how to handle this ‘talent for instant gratification’ and I found the following:

In other words, one of the most effective ways to distract ourselves from a tempting pleasure we don’t want to indulge is by focusing on another pleasure. So the next time you find yourself confronted with a temptation—whether a piece of cake, a drink of alcohol, or a psychoactive drug—don’t employ willpower to resist it. Send your attention somewhere else by imagining a different pleasure not immediately available to you. For if you can successfully turn your attention elsewhere until the temptation is removed from your environment or you remove yourself from its environment, the odds that you’ll give in to your impulse will decrease more than with almost any other intervention you can try.
Blog post on www.psychologytoday.com July 29th 2012, Read the original post here!

Basically what we need things that are drawing our attention from the shiny objects of instant gratification and focus our thought on “another pleasure” – anyone else here having some things come to mind?

Things like:

  • DMP
  • POA
  • Shapes & Colors
  • Index Cards
  • Affirmations
  • more Index Cards
  • Movie Poster
  • Functional Bookmarks
  • Readings
  • even more Index Cards 😉
  • Master Mind Alliances
  • Guy/Gal in the glass
  • ….

We´ve been given tools that focus our attention on “another pleasure” – and this is huge – BEFORE we even get distracted by a ‘shiny object’!
And that´s why I found that ‘talent’ of mine diminishing more and more from my life.

Now throw some increased awareness, observational skills, the laws of the mind and the alliances in the and it´s easy to understand why so many members are reporting progress!

I know I´ll get many opportunities to fine tune my observation skills and delayed gratification skills during the next few month and it´s very assuring to have the support provided in this environment!

Enjoy the journey!!!

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What´s in it for You???

In WHAT??? You might ask – well, life. Your Life!
What´s in it for You in Your life?

If You´re anything like me You´ve thought about this quite a few times during the years, just to be distracted by just that life itself. Yes?

I´m a yellow personality (according to the ColorCode) and as every other color it brings with it innate advantages and challenges, one of the latter being a condition we can call ADSOD (Attention Deficit Shiny Object Disorder) meaning I´m easily distracted by shiny objects, eg things in life that show up and seem fun 😉

Everyone knows that it takes focused attention to make anything happen and so this ADSOD has been (and still is to a lesser degree) one of my greatest challenges throughout life.

This has been the area where going through the Master Key Experience probably helped me the most, because many of the “shiny objects” that distract us don´t carry any benefits to us.
Rather they represent society´s agenda for us and by shifting our focus from what the world thinks is important to what WE think is important we can create an almost unimaginable amount of purpose and happiness in our lives.

Still I got of track and started drifting away from my new, good habits during our stay on Kauai, it was so easy to skip a read or two while catching up with people I met previous years or spending time with the people who were there from Sweden together with us. And I didn´t even think much of it until I mentioned it to Mark in a casual conversation and he pointed out to me how I had been choosing instant gratification over my dream once more.

And I learned two great things from this experience:

  1. How  good the habits developed during The Master Key Course have landed in my system – it was so incredibly easy to get back on track
  2. How meticulously I need to guard my thoughts not only from the shiny objects around me but in particular the ones I create in my mind

So, I hope to see You at the next Master Keys and until then please enjoy the video below and some ideas how to get what´s in it for You:

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