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What´s in it for You???

In WHAT??? You might ask – well, life. Your Life!
What´s in it for You in Your life?

If You´re anything like me You´ve thought about this quite a few times during the years, just to be distracted by just that life itself. Yes?

I´m a yellow personality (according to the ColorCode) and as every other color it brings with it innate advantages and challenges, one of the latter being a condition we can call ADSOD (Attention Deficit Shiny Object Disorder) meaning I´m easily distracted by shiny objects, eg things in life that show up and seem fun 😉

Everyone knows that it takes focused attention to make anything happen and so this ADSOD has been (and still is to a lesser degree) one of my greatest challenges throughout life.

This has been the area where going through the Master Key Experience probably helped me the most, because many of the “shiny objects” that distract us don´t carry any benefits to us.
Rather they represent society´s agenda for us and by shifting our focus from what the world thinks is important to what WE think is important we can create an almost unimaginable amount of purpose and happiness in our lives.

Still I got of track and started drifting away from my new, good habits during our stay on Kauai, it was so easy to skip a read or two while catching up with people I met previous years or spending time with the people who were there from Sweden together with us. And I didn´t even think much of it until I mentioned it to Mark in a casual conversation and he pointed out to me how I had been choosing instant gratification over my dream once more.

And I learned two great things from this experience:

  1. How  good the habits developed during The Master Key Course have landed in my system – it was so incredibly easy to get back on track
  2. How meticulously I need to guard my thoughts not only from the shiny objects around me but in particular the ones I create in my mind

So, I hope to see You at the next Master Keys and until then please enjoy the video below and some ideas how to get what´s in it for You:

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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