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Master Key week 20 – 1,2,1,2,1,2 Testing, testing…

Nope, I have not got myself into any new venture that requires a sound check 😉

Yesterday was just one of these days when training, habits and the building of a blueprint that serves me came in handy.
Being a firm believer that we are never served a mouthful we can´t swallow I must have done something right to have earned these awesome tests of my faith in me.

Had a rough day at work, lousy plan for the day (failing to plan equals planning to fail), no real scheduled calling time and a terrible dip in energy in the mid afternoon rendered only 4 contacts instead of the 10 I promised to do for 90 days straight.
Good thing I´m not that hard on myself anymore, I can learn from the experience and promise to make up for the loss before the week is over.

Getting through my last meeting (having screwed up by being tired enough to forget executing HJ3…) at 6:30PM and coming home after a wet and cold bike ride I fins a letter from the court reading that the divorce from Maria has been legally approved and I´m officially no longer married to the Marvelous.
Stating that this brought up some feelings of sadness and loss would be an understatement, though the law of substitution works wonders and I very soon focused on all the good times we had together during the 4,5 most fun years of my life so far.

Shortly after I receive an email from my partner at the clinic that the landlord has given notice of termination of the lease contract. They want to renegotiate rent and terms so we don´t know if we can stay in the office we´ve been using for almost 20 years.
Even a year ago this would have felt really awful, now I look forward to the negotiations with curious anticipation, what opportunities will emerge out of this?

I know that everyone on the Master Key journey can relate to this and see the changes in their lives.
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Let me end by quoting an email I wrote a few days ago to a good friend and fellow member, the highlighted sentence was highlighted by him as what moved him the most and I just have to agree. This course makes magic and miracles real in peoples lives!

I must admit that being surprised by a totally unexpected divorce while launching on a 90 day run has been extremely challenging and I would not have made it a year ago. This is the true benefit of the Master Key Experience and the work we are all doing, while I didn´t want that experience I know that I somehow created it to let something even better to be attracted and manifested. 

Observing how the continuous pursuit of the mental diet has made me feel happy for no reason in the midst of what I would earlier have considered a disaster is nothing short of a miracle.”

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Mahalo, I appreciate You!

Week 24 – It´s paying of…

Let me tell you a short story (yes, everyone who knows me thinks telling a “short” story is outside of my ability…) just – I’m on an iPad.

In my latest post I mentioned my MacBook picking a fight with a stone floor ending up loosing, of course, and me being extraordinary diligent making sure the repair shop would be prepared to get the job done before we fly to the U.S.

Well, needless to say, it didn’t work out as planned…

Being in the neighborhood of the shop a few days later I called them and asked if i could pick up my beloved MacBook.
It was not ready… In fact, they had not even started – the spare parts they told me were in stock weren´t. They made a mistake…

Again one splendid opportunity for me to turn to anger, resentment and victimhood – frankly no one would think less of anyone for feeling a bit peeved  (to say the least) in that situation.
And I did too…

It lasted for about 4 seconds – and then the new habit of substituting thought kicked in!

What is good about the situation?
What can I learn here?
What am I pretending not to know?
What would the person I intend to become do next?

Well, it turned out that the person I intend to become called my insurance company and they actually agreed to cover a big chunk of the repair costs!!!
This tiny little every day experience let me apply the training I got through the MK and I ended up saving over 500 bucks, isn´t that cool???

So, if the people at the repair shop had kept their promise I´d missed out on the reimbursement from my insurance, I had never thought about calling them…

Next time something does not work out as planned or hope for, lets find out what better things infinite intelligence has waiting for us, yes?

It´s all there, inside that inner world – just a SIT away!

Can You feel it?

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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