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A new take on addictions

Early in the MasterKeyExperience we learn about how we get addicted to certain peptides that carry certain information and induce certain feelings in our brains and bodies.
Don´t know about You but for me the term “addiction” hits a cord that´s not even close to positive or even neutral and always experienced a hard time relating to the word. Also I always connected it with substances or weird behaviors and so I was relieved and gained a lot of understanding by watching  this video I found and that showed me that, not only can I make a long list of things and behaviors I am or have been addicted to, more importantly it taught me the reason for those addictions and showed me how easy it is to love myself in spite of them (clue: just by signing up for the early notification You´d demonstrate self love by taking action to advance Yourself) and for me it was a pretty phenomenal  insight:
I do Love myself and prove it every day through my action – I just never perceived it that way before – amazing , just amazing!

The thing here is that the video is pretty lengthy (and hadn´t it been for my Marvelous Maria being so into Yoga and having introduced it to me in a positive and conceivable way I would probably have missed the whole lesson) and as much as I would endorse You to watch it in it´s full length I understand that everyone is pressed on time and if You only have a few minutes, please fast forward to minute 30:54, 38.40, 47:42 and listen for as long as You like at each part – You will probably want to go back and listen to the whole speech!

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