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Master Key Week 7.2 – Guest Blogger Martin on “Will”

So, this weekend has been special to me in several ways, I´m spending it in Macedonia, Greece, at a marvelous mountain resort and visits to same amazing places.
And an internet connection that barely allows me to send a tweet – lots of chances to remind me that I meet every day, person and situation with love in my heart 😀

With that let me give You this weeks (well, actually last weeks – yesterday I could not post…) guest blogger who baffled me with his determination looking up the seemingly simple word “will” in a dictionary.

And I´m so glad he did that for all of us!

Here´s Martins post for week 7:

Week 7 – To will or not to will

This has been an interesting week. Some good progress, but also a tough week, with energy levels lower than the past 6 weeks.

When we switched across to the new scroll, we were told to read the “wills” again. As it is against my “will” (refer to the 5th meaning below) to mark any book permanently, I mentally removed the wills. The result of this was that for the first couple of days I was automatically leaving the wills out, out of will.

I then started focussing on them, and intentionally emphasised them. This brought the scroll to life. I realised that the word felt different in the various sentences. I grabbed a dictionary (on-line), and found the following meanings for this simple little word

1 Expressing the futuretense: you will regret it when you are older

1.1 Expressing a strong intention or assertion about the future: come what may, I will succeed

2 Expressing inevitable events: accidents will happen

3 Expressing desire, consent, or willingness: will you have a cognac?

4 Expressing facts about ability or capacity: a rock so light that it will float on wateryour tank will hold about 26 gallons

5 Expressing habitualbehaviour: she will dance for hours

6 Expressing probability or expectation or faith (my addition) about something in the present: they will be miles away by now

These different meanings have added interesting interpretations to the scroll. It has also assisted me to add meaning to the affirmation from 4.9 of Haanel’s Master Keys “I can be what I will to be”. On that note I subscribe to a service called “Notes from the Universe”, and I received this note yesterday – “Martin, it’s as if YOU were custom designed to have a fabulous definite major purpose alligned with my needs. It’s perfect for you.” How awesome is this – “I can be what I will to be”.

Week 7 of Master Keys, has been an “eye opener” for me. I really can’t highlight any aspect of it, as I would just be repeating the whole lesson. The “Power” we have is incredible, and we are well on the way to developing it. Like many in the alliance section, I have had difficulty “seeing” my friends face when I close my eyes, but can easily “see” him in my minds eye. I need to put in some hard mental labour as mentioned in par 7.4.

Please read the original post and follow Martin here!

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I appreciate You!

What does it mean???

Driving around the south-western part of the USA for some weeks now has got me face to face with quite a lot of different road signs, billboards and other visual information.
Just let me start by saying I thought Sweden was overly protective in guiding traffic… Nothing back there prepared me for the warnings I see over here in the states!
Let´s take a look…

2015-04-09 10.18.09 2015-04-09 10.18.30 2015-04-09 10.59.50 2015-04-09 11.00.00 2015-04-08 15.32.38 2015-04-08 15.34.16 2015-04-08 16.20.47 2015-04-08 16.21.44

I´m not saying that road signs are the sole reason for people focusing on dangers, looking and preparing for impending doom, though, frankly, what do You think it leads to seeing these every day???

“Watch for Ice” @ 74℉ – come on…. 😀

Or what about my personal favorite?

2015-04-09 10.42.49

Hmmm, who would be dumb enough to drive a car into a temporary lake???
How should it make us feel that the government obviously thinks that we´re to stupid to look out for ourselves???

Well, basically it doesn´t matter!

As we can attach any meaning and feeling we want to anything we can choose how these signs make us feel 😉 …

Let me give You an example:

What does the sign below mean to You?

2015-04-10 08.14.30

Hmm, hopefully You didn´t answer “food” because the nutritional value of their stuff just don´t make it qualify 😀 !
(And, yes, that´s an opinion of mine – though based on professional knowledge and experience…)

Most people would connect this sign with fast food, happy meals (if You got kids), Ronald McDonald, Ray Kroc or the movie “Supersize Me”

I frankly never developed a relationship with McDonalds, never established the habit of visiting, never really liked their “food”.
So, that “Golden Arches” sign never meant much to me…
That has changed dramatically during this trip and now it means:


So, what meaning do You give the signs You see every day? The places, persons and events of Your life?

McDonalds could mean “food” to You (and that could basically kill You) or “free Wi-Fi” to me (and let me get this blog posted).
It´s just a decision based on the laws of the mind, in this particular case the laws of “substitution” and “dual thoughts”!

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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