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Master Key week 18.2 – More from Dr Amen

If You liked the video with Dr Daniel Amen I posted a few weeks ago You gonna love this lecture, admittedly it´s a bit lengthy yet well worth the time investment.
Just find the time to watch it and You´ll understand a lot of people around You a lot better, maybe even Yourself – it certainly did that for me!


Thanks for watching, please leave a comment below to let me know Your thoughts on this and share the post with friends and loved ones who could benefit!

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Master Key – Week 3: Practice the Habit

There´s an old story I read many times and never remember where it originated or where I read/heard it first – I just like it and it so beautifully fits into this weeks Master Key Experience. For me, myself and I anyway…can´t say it´s the same for everyone 😉

As I don´t know where to find it I decided to paraphrase so You just have to bear with me and, if You know the story, please excuse any butchering on my part!

Once upon a time there was a young, promising violinist who was looking for a new teacher to help him develop his talent faster. Several of his peers told him to see an elderly lady with the reputation of advancing her students skills faster than anyone else in her craft.
As the young man called on the teacher she was rather reluctant in taking on any new student and he became increasingly desperate to have her accept him. At last he persuaded her to give him a chance to demonstrate his talent and got a ridiculously complicated and fast piece to play. Performing far below par he was asked to practice the piece for a week and then come back again.
One week later the student appeared at the ladys studio prepared with many hours of practice just to find a completely different, and even harder to play, piece on the note stand. Again he performed clearly below what he expected of himself and was sent home with the same instructions as the week before.
And so it went on for weeks and weeks, every week the student showed up after practicing his homework every waking hour – and every week he got a harder piece to play, a piece just above his current ability.
One day he just couldn´t take “it” anymore, he wanted to show his teacher what a musician he was and being presented with new pieces, all slightly above his ability, every week got him to a point or frustration where he was unable to hold himself back and he exploded during a lesson.
“How can I ever demonstrate my progress when You treat me this way?” he yelled and through the sheets on the floor.
His teacher looked at him calmly, brought out the sheet from his first lesson, that had caused him so much difficulty, and asked him to play.
Stunned the young man set his violin and played the difficult piece with a true virtuosity.”

And what is the connection to the Master Key?

So glad You asked ;-)!!!

This week we were asked to take out the word “will” from the scroll we´re reading and read it in present tense.
Last year I found this quite difficult, even after crossing the word out thoroughly I still mentally (and verbally) continued to read it for some time…

Now i didn´t even have to score out the word “will” or make any changes to the text, I just read by it and make the changes automatically.
Fascinating how the mind got trained almost without myself noticing :-D, and quite encouraging for everyone who sticks with the exercises!

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