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Master Key week 16 – How to know our brain!

What we basically do in the Master Key Experience is learn to train our brain to support our dreams by activating the subconscious mind to drive our actions and behaviors in the areas that brings us closer to what we want.
At the same time avoiding the actions and behaviors that prevent us from reaching our goals and drive us farther away from the life we really want.

Being a curious guy I want to know more about how the brain as an organ actually works and I found this short video that hit me as filled with really profound information.
If You don´t find the time to watch the full 15 minutes, just FF to 10:30 and check the last third, ok?

Please leave a comment below and tell me what You think about this information, I´d very much like to hear what impact it has on You as it really made a great impression on me and changed the way I think about my brain!

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Master Key week 15.2 – Staying on the Path

So this is how it feels like, the day before starting my first 90-day-run ever for my business. Part eager to get started, part intimidated by the effort necessary to pull it of and mostly determined to see it through.

You might wonder what a 90-day-run is and basically it´s a system for kick starting (or re-starting) any business by doing the main thing a lot for 90 days straight. No weekend off, just do the work and love the overtime!
If You want to know more You can send me an email and I promise to get back to You!

Anyway I took the opportunity to spend one more 24 hour period in the woods, camping outside between Friday and Saturday. Admittedly I was a little stressed out from the first “real” week i Stockholm after more than two years (that is knowing that I´ll stay here until April 20th and have no sunny beach to look forward to in a week or so…) I messed up my plan slightly and ended up doing over 22km (about 14 miles) starting a 2PM. This time of the year that is 4 hours of hiking in the darkness.

Doing a hike through a dark forrest at night with only a headlamp lighting the way has a lot of similarities with life in general or going through the Master Key Experience as a member.

We determine where we are – here – and that we want to be somewhere else – there – so we find out which path to follow to get there. We build a mental picture of “getting there” and start our journey.

Most of the time we cannot physically see our target so we depend on holding it in our mind and follow the markers that 2016-01-08 15.09.17we believe lead us from here to there. Part of the road is easy, smooth and visible.
Every now and then we get to a part that´s harder to follow, maybe we loose sight of the mental picture or the markers we follow are farther apart. At times we might even get of the right path, our attention being distracted or our mind just relaxing enough to miss a sign or two.

Regardless if this happens on the path of life towards our chosen goal or in the dark forrest it´s obvious that the farther we drift from the path, the harder it is to find our way back to it.
I guess most members have felt this at some point when falling a little bit behinourdeepestfeard on the requirements, maybe a tad overwhelmed when new requirements were added in or just freaking out when getting more in contact with who and what we really are.

So what do we do when we get lost?

Get back to where we were still on the path, in the woods that means backtracking our own steps. In life just return to the point when we still followed the plan – if we had added in to much new stuff, strip it away again and start adding it back in at a slower pace that is easy to handle. It´s like a workout program, if You´re out of shape You might wanna start with just a few sessions per week, not working out 5-6 days in a row!

The interesting thing is that we grow to meet the tasks, when I first learned about this way of doing a 90-day-run I was 100% convinced that I would never plan to do one. I just seemed totally overwhelming and I got stressed just by thinking of it.
Today, just a few years later, my only concern is that it might not render the results I plan to achieve through the effort. I have no doubt in my mind that I can do the work!
And as focusing on behaviors, not on results, is the best way of establishing habits that lead to success – I feel pretty set!

And at the end of the journey we find our reward, it can be a shelter in the woods (actually the pic 2016-01-09 09.45.11is from the morning after sleeping in that same shelter), the achievement of a goal or manifestation of a DMP.
Or it can be the wonderful feeling knowing we did our best with the resources we had and became the best we could possibly become.

Either way it requires, absolutely requires, us to find our way back to our chosen path.

No matter what and no matter how far from it we already drifted away from it!

And at the end we find that “there” has become “here”, the “then” moved into “now” and however we long for the “there” and “then” we´ll never be really happy moving forward without embracing, loving and enjoying “here” and “now”!

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Master Key week 15 – Arielles amazing week 14 post

Normally I always write the first post of the week myself but I liked this one by Arielle last week so much I just don´t want to keep it from You any longer!


Master Key Week 14 – An Interesting Dream

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 has come, January has come…how exciting 🙂

I stayed up quite late last night (or early this morning), but my sleep rhythm woke me up at about 9 am. So, I got up, read Scroll IV for the first time…and then decided to go back to bed. The new scroll is pretty cool!

Well, I had a dream. It’s not really about Scroll IV; but it had some cool insights and so I figured I’d share it.

I was reading a new blog that had popped up in my email. This person detailed in his blog (and then I experienced what he was writing about) his first experience reading Scroll IV. He was sitting at the beach, he took out Og, flipped to Scroll IV, and began to read out loud. (I don’t know why this person was reading out loud in the morning!) He stumbled over the part about being “nature’s greatest miracle”. (It was at this point that I started experiencing the setting this person was writing about, so the narration will now be from my perspective.) Suddenly, a breeze whipped The Greatest Salesman into the ocean. I grabbed my second copy of The Greatest Salesman from my backpack and looked at Scroll IV again. “Well,” I thought, “if I’m nature’s greatest miracle and all that, I should really go get back my book.” So I plunged into the ocean after the book. Somehow, even though I couldn’t see it, I knew where the book was. I swam out a little farther, feeling the waves fighting against me. After a little while though, I realised that the waves had reversed their direction – instead of flowing back to shore, they were flowing out to sea. I could feel the potential of having the waves push me under, but then I decided to swim with them and let them help me and carry me to where I wanted to go.

I don’t remember the end of the dream, or if I ever finished reading this person’s blog post. But I do remember realising in the dream that in life, we’re all surrounded by various waves, pressures, etc. These pressures can pull us down, roll us over, tumble us and scrape us into the sand if we let them…or, we can embrace them and see them as things that will help us get to our goal. I think it was in Emerson’s essay on Compensation that I saw this phrase: “We gain the strength of the temptations we resist.” And of course we all know the saying of “Everything happens for a reason”. I can’t quite yet translate whatever my subconscious was thinking in that dream into words…but I think it’s cool! 🙂

To go along with this dream of mine…

I’ve been applying for scholarships for a little over half a year now. Some scholarships are lotteries, some are poetry contests, but most require an essay submission. I love the first two, but for years I “struggled to write decent essays”. I’m using quotation marks because that’s what I’ve been telling myself…and I realised that it’s actually not entirely true. I know how to write an outline, and an essay – it’s simply that I had a bad experience writing essays one year and grew to hate writing. And of course, if you don’t like something, it’s harder for you to improve at it. It also did not help that I struggled for over a year to write a 2-page essay in 25 minutes for the SAT. (I did overcome this three days before the SAT this year, and ended up with a perfect score on the writing section 🙂 ) So I haven’t had a great attitude toward essays. Well. Now I have to write essays for scholarships. Yuck/ew/noooo, right? Right. I HATED scholarship applications. Hated them wholeheartedly. Never mind that I could get lots of money for pursuing my music degree…my attitude was “I don’t like essays, I’m horrible at essays, so why bother – I won’t win, it’s no fun, it’s a waste of time…UGHHHH I hate scholarships!” (You’re probably wondering WHY on earth, with this attitude, I continued applying. The answer: my mother. She didn’t know these thoughts of mine; all she knows is that for some reason I’ve been strangely resistant to trying to get “free” money…) Of course, all of us MKMMA students know that this is an attitude for failure.

Ok, that’s the back story. Last week I sent my mom (who is an EXCELLENT writer!) an essay that I had written for a scholarship. She just had a small, easily fixed problem with one paragraph. I fixed it and she was happy.

Two days ago I sent her a couple of essays for a music scholarship application. She only pointed out a typo, but she was in the middle of something then, so I expected that she would have more critiques later on. Yesterday she asked if I had sent in the application. I said, “No, I’m waiting on your feedback.”

“I gave you my feedback,” she replied.

I was incredulous. “You mean the typo? That was it?”

“Yes,” she said. My brain: WOW…cool!…Well…they were short little essays, just 200 words or less, so that’s probably why.

Yesterday, I sent her a 2 1/2 page essay for another scholarship. She read it, gave me some advice about the formatting, and began to move on to something else.

“So that’s it?” I asked.

“Mhm,” she replied. “Have you read it aloud?”

“No, not yet,” I said. “The formatting was the only thing?” I asked again.

“Yeah,” she said, looking at me with a why do you keep asking about this expression.

My brain: NO freaking way! I wrote a TWO AND A HALF PAGE ESSAY in 3 drafts and my mom the amazing writer has NO critiques other than FORMATTING? No way!

What I actually said: “So I’m getting better!?”

Understandably, I got a look from my mom as if I had just grown a second head. “You didn’t think that would happen?” she teased me.

“Well…you know I’ve had a hard time with essays.”

She then pulled up this graphic for me.

Don't give up

Scholarship applications are still not my favourite…service (I was going to say chore but I’ll be good haha). Nor can I promise that I’ll be any more enthusiastic about them. BUT. I’ve realised that even if I don’t win any scholarships, they’re not a waste of time. I get to strengthen a former weakness. I get consistent writing practice…so, when I go off to college, I’ll be able to write multiple-paged essays fairly confidently.

How does this tie in with my dream? There are things in our lives that we may not want…pressures that we feel we can’t resist…that can make life a little harder, a little less pleasant…but we can either let them drag us down into hate and dislike and fear – OR – we can look to the lessons we can learn and let them give us strength to swim to our dreams (or soar to new heights, or whatever image impacts you the most).

Please read the original post and follow Arielle here!

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Master Key week 14.2 – A little more than a year ago…

…I wrote this post on New Year Resolutions. Its still valid and I´ve had another year to work on my habits making some previous undesirable ones very desirable as well as the other way around.
Most important the continuous work has fine tuned my desires and knowing exactly what one wants definitely helps in completing the actions necessary getting there – even if these actions don´t always come naturally for our personality type!

Please enjoy:

So, it´s that time of the year again… End of one year and soon the beginning of a new, at least according to our western concept of the calendar.

What is it that makes this time of the year so special in relation to change for so many people in our society?
What  is the real difference between January 1st and, let´s say, November 11th?
Is there even any real difference or just a perceived one?

Anyone in for a resolution this year? What will it be this time?

  • Eat healthy?
  • Loose weight?
  • Quit smoking?
  • Start training?

Lots of possibilities so…..  Will it work out?

Everyone know most New Years Resolutions don´t get realized – we might (and, believe me, I´ve been there and done that in past years…) hang in there for a few weeks or month and then “something” happens….we get of track and never seem to get on it again….until next New Year!

So, how come?

By making a resolution we basically start a war against ourselves, a war against chemical addiction that has been in place for years, maybe even decades! A war we have no chance of winning!

“The conscious and subconscious are but two phases of action in connection with
one mind. The relation of the subconscious to the conscious is quite analogous to
that existing between a weather vane and the atmosphere.
Just as the least pressure of the atmosphere causes an action on the part of the
weather vane, so does the least thought entertained by the conscious mind produce
within your subconscious mind action in exact proportion to the depth of feeling
characterizing the thought and the intensity with which the thought is indulged.”
Charles Hannel, “The Master Key System”, Part 14

So, our New Year Resolution is the equivalent of trying to change the atmosphere by manipulating a weather vane – and that, I´m sure we can agree on, can never work!

Real change has it´s origin in the world within – a thought that´s coupled with feeling creates a certain belief that causes a specific action that produces a result.

“5. This puts us in an entirely new relation to our environment, opening up
possibilities previously undreamed of, and this by an orderly sequence of law which
is naturally involved in our new mental attitude.
6. Mind is creative and the principle upon which this law is based is sound and
legitimate and is inherent in the nature of things; but this creative power does not
originate in the individual, but in the Universal, which is the source and fountain of
all energy and substance, the individual is simply the channel for the distribution of
this energy. The individual is the means by which the Universal produces the
various combinations which result in the formation of phenomena.”
Charles Hannel, “The Master Key System”, Part 14

To create a different result we need to start with the thought and attach the feelings that build the belief supporting the action that needs to be taken to produce the desired result.
And that starts with deciding on a desired outcome, igniting this desire with feeling and thereby deliberately chose the belief that will lead to the action necessary to get the desired outcome.

“In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the differences of their habits. Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure. Thus, the first law I will obey, which precedeth all others is – I will form good habits and become their slave.”
Og Mandino, “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, The Scroll marked I

“26. But the thought must be clear cut, steady, fixed, definite, unchangeable; you
cannot take one step forward and two steps backward, neither can you spend
twenty or thirty years of your life building up negative conditions as the result of
negative thoughts, and then expect to see them all melt away as the result of
fifteen or twenty minutes of right thinking.
27. If you enter into the discipline necessary to bring about a radical change in your
life, you must do so deliberately, after giving the matter careful thought and full
consideration, and then you must allow nothing to interfere with your decision.
28. This discipline, this change of thought, this mental attitude will not only bring
you the material things which are necessary for your highest and best welfare, but
will bring health and harmonious conditions generally.
29. If you wish harmonious conditions in your life, you must develop an harmonious
mental attitude.
30. Your world without will be a reflection of your world within.”
Charles Hannel, “The Master Key System”, Part 14

This brings us to the question why so many people live lives with resolutions and no real change and for me this was a two step process.

  1. I honestly didn´t know better
  2. I was not willing (yet) to put in the work – frankly, real change is hard work…

“I will never consider defeat and I will remove from my vocabulary such words and phrases as quit, cannot, unable, impossible, out of the question, improbable, failure, unworkable, hopeless, and retreat; for they are the words of fools. I will avoid despair but if this disease of the mind should infect me then I will work on in despair. I will toil and I will endure. I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head, for I know that where dry desert ends, green grass grows.
I will persist until I succeed.”
Og Mandino, “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, The Scroll marked III

“I persist until I succeed!”

No room for a bail out here, backdoor closed, bridges burned…
No retreat, no surrender – I persist and I win!

“24. Yet there are many who are not ready to enter into the discipline necessary to
think correctly, even though it is evident that wrong thinking has brought failure.”
Charles Hannel, “The Master Key System”, Part 14

Are You ready for some real change???

Yes??? Be blessed and fill out the form down below to get notifications on The Master Keys

No??? Be blessed and don´t fill out the form

Whatever choice is right for You right now I wish You the best year ever, filled with love, health, harmony, happiness and success!

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Master Key Week 14 – Harmony Within

“I will avoid despair but if this disease of the mind should infect me then I will work on in despair. I will toil and I will endure……
……I will try, and try, and try again.”
Og Mandino, “The Greatest Salesman in the World” – The Scroll marked III

“The conscious and subconscious are but two phases of action in connection with one mind. The relation of the subconscious to the conscious is quite analogous to that existing between a weather vane and the atmosphere.
Just as the least pressure of the atmosphere causes an action on the part of the weather vane, so does the least thought entertained by the conscious mind produce within your subconscious mind action in exact proportion to the depth of feeling characterizing the thought and the intensity with which the thought is indulged.”
Charles Haanel, “The Master Key System” Part XIV introduction

“29. If you wish harmonious conditions in your life, you must develop an harmonious mental attitude.
30. Your world without will be a reflection of your world within.”
Charles Haanel, “The Master Key System” Part XIV 

Scroll III in the book by Og Mandino is all about persistence and not giving in to outer circumstances but to push on in the face of adversity and never, ever give in or give up.
And this is good, actually I would like to say it´s more than good – it´s great!

Especially as we know what persistence really is and how we can easily and joyfully create this habit in our lives though the first progression the Master Key Experience provided us with!

On the other hand every scholar of the Master Key System knows the importance of words and even more our choice of focus and that´s were I can see a potential challenge in Scroll III.

What is produced in our subconscious mind when reading about “toil and endure”?

Is there harmony within when thinking about “avoid despair”?

Or “try and try and try again”?

How does this relate to Haanels words in the introduction of Part XIII?

“Let me illustrate. Thought results in action, if your thought is constructive and harmonious, the result will be good; if your thought is destructive or inharmonious, the result will be evil.
There is therefore but one law, one principle, on cause, one Source of Power, and good and evil are simply words which have been coined to indicate the result of our action, or our compliance or non-compliance with this law. 
The importance of this is well illustrated in the lives of Emerson and Carlyle. Emerson loved the good and his life was a symphony of peace and harmony, Carlyle hated the bad, and his life was a record of perpetual discord and inharmony.
Here we have two grand men, each intent upon achieving the same ideal, but one makes use of constructive thought and is therefore in harmony with Natural Law, the other makes use of destructive thought and therefore brings upon himself discord of every kind and character.”

Well, I´ve been confronted with a really challenging situation in my personal life this past week and I´m so grateful for knowing not only how to handle any difficulty (by utilizing the laws of the mind) but especially to know what I am and what is the relation between me and the situation.
Without getting into details I thank the Master Key Experience for being equipped to live through a tough situation, that earlier would have taken weeks or even months to overcome, in mere days.

And that did not happen by focusing on avoiding those feelings, it happened by focusing on what would be the highest good for all involved. So far it worked awesomely well!

So, in the words of Master Yoda:

I start to think that if I feel I have to “try”, “avoid despair”, “toil” and “endure” – I really need to stop, feel and think before acting.
And then ask myself a few questions:

  • What am I focusing on? And what is the probable outcome of that focus?
  • Is that the outcome I´m looking for? The one I want?
  • What do I want? Really?
  • And how can I accomplish what I want without going through all the trying, toiling, enduring and despairing?

Can it be done?

That depends of course…

As said in the famous quote appointed to Henry Ford:

“If You think You can or think You can´t, You´re right!”

Believe!!! Do it now!!!

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Mahalo, I appreciate You!

And wish You the best possible 2016 full of Love, Peace and Your definition of Success!

Master Key week 13 – One of my Talents

“I persist until I succeed.
Henceforth, I consider each day’s effort as but one blow of my blade against a mighty oak.
The first blow may cause not a tremor in the wood, nor the second, nor the third.
Each blow, of itself, may be trifling, and seem of no consequence.
Yet from childish swipes the oak eventually tumble. So it be with my efforts of today. 
I am likened to the rain drop which washes away the mountain; the ant who devours a tiger; the star which brightens the earth; the slave who builds a pyramid.
I build my castle one brick at a time for I know that small attempts, repeated, complete any undertaking.”
Og Mandino, “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, from the Scroll marked III (modified into present tense)

Sometimes it takes a few times before the message gets passed the defenses in for of the stories we tell ourselves and in this case I was almost painfully slow in admitting the fact that I still had a long way to go before this paragraph would be a description of me and my conduct…

I´ve read this passage a total of (give or take) 150 times between the MKE 2014 and 2015, never feeling quite comfortable and most of the time rushing past it to avoid having to confront myself.

Finally, the other day, I had to admit to myself that I possess an almost unlimited talent for instant gratification.

I´ve ’always’ known that I had to work on bettering my follow through and that the steady grind (yeah, maybe the way I think of it has something to do with the reluctance) of finishing what I started never came easy to me leaving me with half finished projects, registered domains and websites entirely without content and a long list of prospects lost in the process.

Many times I have shown a tendency to mark things of as ‘not that important’ and take an easy way out when they seem tedious and just go do something else that´s more fun or interesting at that moment.
Of course that thing does never go away but pops up all the time and disturbs my peace of mind… 😉

So, why do I bring up this apparently negative issue?

Well, because it´s mostly resolved at this time, through the exercises and progression throughout this course, and I just got reminded of it yesterday when I finally asked my dear friend (and one of my MMA partner) Izanna for help with something that had bothered me for some time already…
Once again the power of a mastermind came into play and the issue (that had bothered me for weeks…) was solved in a few minutes. And the best part – I learned some cool new stuff :-D!!!

The irony here is how much needless irritation I could have saved myself by just asking earlier… I´ve know both Izanna and Marea for over two years and could have just asked – isn´t it funny how an old behavioral habit can keep one in pain instead of asking a friend for help???

Anyway, this reminder made me start researching how to handle this ‘talent for instant gratification’ and I found the following:

In other words, one of the most effective ways to distract ourselves from a tempting pleasure we don’t want to indulge is by focusing on another pleasure. So the next time you find yourself confronted with a temptation—whether a piece of cake, a drink of alcohol, or a psychoactive drug—don’t employ willpower to resist it. Send your attention somewhere else by imagining a different pleasure not immediately available to you. For if you can successfully turn your attention elsewhere until the temptation is removed from your environment or you remove yourself from its environment, the odds that you’ll give in to your impulse will decrease more than with almost any other intervention you can try.
Blog post on www.psychologytoday.com July 29th 2012, Read the original post here!

Basically what we need things that are drawing our attention from the shiny objects of instant gratification and focus our thought on “another pleasure” – anyone else here having some things come to mind?

Things like:

  • DMP
  • POA
  • Shapes & Colors
  • Index Cards
  • Affirmations
  • more Index Cards
  • Movie Poster
  • Functional Bookmarks
  • Readings
  • even more Index Cards 😉
  • Master Mind Alliances
  • Guy/Gal in the glass
  • ….

We´ve been given tools that focus our attention on “another pleasure” – and this is huge – BEFORE we even get distracted by a ‘shiny object’!
And that´s why I found that ‘talent’ of mine diminishing more and more from my life.

Now throw some increased awareness, observational skills, the laws of the mind and the alliances in the and it´s easy to understand why so many members are reporting progress!

I know I´ll get many opportunities to fine tune my observation skills and delayed gratification skills during the next few month and it´s very assuring to have the support provided in this environment!

Enjoy the journey!!!

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Master Key week 11.2 – Guest Blogger Sonia

Please meet another member of my tribe, Sonia, who really hit home with this post on being true to ourselves! Enjoy 😀

Master Key Week 11 – Speaking Truth

We are working so hard on the world within, working to literally change our brains. I have come to appreciate the importance of what I tell myself, and the words I keep repeating to myself. Something that would be insignificant to one person might not be at all insignificant to someone else. Even with all that we have learned, I still don’t think we fully realize how carefully our subconscious listens to what we say.

For example, the affirmation “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, etc.” just didn’t feel right. Finally, I realized why. I reflected on the concept of the DMP. It is supposed to be something we feel we are called to do. For me, the following change made everything fall into place, and feel right for me. What was bothering me might not seem important to anyone else, but it made a big difference in how I felt repeating that affirmation. Suddenly, it was easy, and I was ‘in the flow’.

I was not comfortable saying “I am perfect” In the Judaeo-Christian tradition, there is only One who is perfect. I once knew a man who collected priceless Persian carpets. He had been told that the people weaving the carpets would deliberately create a small flaw in the carpet, so it would not be perfect. Again, in their tradition, there is only One who is perfect. I now say: “For what God has called me to do, I am whole perfect, strong, etc. I know that is true, so I can comfortably and confidently affirm it.

I first started to be aware of how carefully the subconscious listens when I was trying to learn techniques for guided relaxation and meditation. My teacher gave me the following image. You are walking toward a beautiful beach in the Caribbean. The sun is shinning on the blue water where all kinds of colorful little fish are swimming all around. You must go down a set of stairs to reach this beach. With each step down the stairs, you feel yourself becoming more relaxed.

I tried everything to reach that fantastic point where you are in the image and all the beautiful things start happening. Nothing was working. Then I realized why. My subconscious was resisting. It knew I could not go on that beach when the sun was shinning brightly because I would have a bad sunburn in thirty seconds!

So, we changed the image so that I was walking in a deeply wooded forest where the trees filtered the sun so that only soft light came through. That image was successful because my subconscious knew I was safe there. I could relax.


Please read the original post and follow Sonia here!

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Master Key Week 11 – Spending time Off the Grid

10. The instinctive wants of the animal and the intellectual wants of Cuvier, the wants of nature and of the mind of Leverrier were alike, and thus the results; here the thoughts of an existence, there an existence. A well-defined lawful want, therefore, furnishes the reason for the more complex operations of nature.
11. Having recorded correctly the answers furnished by nature and stretched our senses with the growing science over her surface; having joined hands with the levers that move the earth; we become conscious of such a close, varied and deep contact with the world without, that our wants and purposes become no less identified with the harmonious operations of this vast organization, than the life, liberty, and happiness of the citizen is identified with the existence of his government.
Charles Haanel, “The Master Key System”, Part XI

Reading this chapter again for the second year in a row I made a connection to a scene from “What the Bl**p do we know?” I recently revisited:

Could it really be that simple?

Consciously choosing to give our attention to the life we want to create and insisting on achieving the outcome brings that dream of ours into reality instead of any of all the other infinite possibilities.

Does it work that way with our lives as well as with the particles of quantum physics?

Well I certainly know that I get hints in that direction in my own life all the time, since I decided to write my book on hiking outside of cell and mobile internet coverage I´m put into those scenarios all the time.

Right now I´m in Basel, Switzerland, visiting my brother and his family and asking what I should see on my own both him and his wife immediately recommended Rheingoldswill Wasserfallen, a recreational area just 30 minutes from central Basel.

I ended up spending almost six hours there, hiking over four of them and most of that time being off the grid – amazing!

Had a nice SIT and opened my eyes to this view:

2015-12-08 12.14.36

Watched out over this valley during my second read of the day:

2015-12-08 14.08.12

And, the area proving to be pretty quite this time of the year, I spent enough time in silence and solitude to create a detailed plan of action for the next 5 months including things I can do to prepare for my 90-day-run early 2016!

Summing it up time spent in nature and silence has proved very well invested for me and I´m so grateful for having the opportunity to enjoy it often!

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Master Key Week 10 – Master Mind Alliances

Now is the time for MK members to really start practicing masterminding by forming a MMA with one or more other members, I’m actually so excited for them to experience this.

One of the main takeaways for me has been all the wonderful people I met through the experience, the friendships that have formed and to be on a parallel journey with likeminded people.

A little over ago I started masterminding separately with two fellow members, Caryn and Lance, from the 2014 MK and since then more have been added and some were discontinued (not every person is a fit for each other, though we can learn valuable stuff from anyone).

Funny enough none of them even resemble each other and all of them are equally valuable to me.

It’s just amazing how relationships can develop with people who I’ve never met in person, at the same time enjoying more emotional and spiritual intimacy than with most people in my immediate surrounding that are on another journey.

With few exceptions (mainly my ‘off the grid’ hike in August) I’ve talked to Lance twice per week for the last year, Mondays and Fridays – and today I’m going to miss talking to him.

He’s travelled to China to prepare for a new career step he recently manifested and I celebrate his success. Can’t wait to hear from him next week and hear how everything went!

My MMA with Caryn has a totally different character and we interact less frequently, mostly talking for way over an hour when we do. I’m so amazed and happy for her how her life has evolved through the MK and as we are now both cert. guides coming from different places and personalities there’s never a lack of things to talk about.

Lately two more persons came into my life as MMA partners, Izanna and Jerry, and I’m thrilled to further develop those relationships – Izanna I met on Kauai once, Jerry and I know each other from Skype.

And I’m definitely open to mastermind with more people later on provided there’s mutual benefit.

Now I’d like to encourage You to do two things:

  1. Get Your own first MMA going, wether You are in the Master Key Experience or not
  2. Check out the blogs of my MMA partners, they are amazing people sharing so much value

I just can’t wait to hear how the MMA’s of my tribe members develop and the value they received a year from now – these are exciting times for our members and it is fascinating and rewarding to follow the development from day 1 until now.

Most members have gone from being slightly overwhelmed (some almost shocked) by all the knew stuff added into their lives by the MKE to becoming self directed scholars of the material.

I certainly am proud for being part of the journey You all are on!

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Master Key Week 9.2 – Guest Blogger Fabiana

This weeks guest blog is coming from a few weeks back, I just find it worth sharing with You and hope that You like it as much as I did!

MKMMA Week 7 – 2015 The Mental Army

Never completely realized that my entity, being me, myself and I, was not just one given fact. A human being, a person, a thing. I appear to consist of/exist from billions of thinking cells both in mind and body which are my own Mental Army… My own mental workers that do exactly as I wish!

Can you imagine?? Billions of assistants and they all do what I tell them to do. I was left breathless when I realized this. It’s not something to just take for granted, this is serious business. It means that if I don’t give the right instructions things will massively end in a catastrophy. For there are so many workers that have to point their little noses in the same and right direction. I say the compounding effect of an unclear briefing may be obvious…

This MKMMA course is a feast of moments of realization. Cause now it becomes clear that we should not just live like that. A complete waste of unlimited possibilities. We are here to teach. Teach ourselves, teach others, it never stops. If we do not teach our mental workers, our own cells, what we need, how should they know??

I find myself in the challenge of how I will be the best teacher for my Mental Army. Starting with feeling, arousing vitality to thought and the will to hold it steadily until the Law of Growth brings it into manifestation.

Yes, we can 🙂


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