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Master Key Week 10 – Master Mind Alliances

Now is the time for MK members to really start practicing masterminding by forming a MMA with one or more other members, I’m actually so excited for them to experience this.

One of the main takeaways for me has been all the wonderful people I met through the experience, the friendships that have formed and to be on a parallel journey with likeminded people.

A little over ago I started masterminding separately with two fellow members, Caryn and Lance, from the 2014 MK and since then more have been added and some were discontinued (not every person is a fit for each other, though we can learn valuable stuff from anyone).

Funny enough none of them even resemble each other and all of them are equally valuable to me.

It’s just amazing how relationships can develop with people who I’ve never met in person, at the same time enjoying more emotional and spiritual intimacy than with most people in my immediate surrounding that are on another journey.

With few exceptions (mainly my ‘off the grid’ hike in August) I’ve talked to Lance twice per week for the last year, Mondays and Fridays – and today I’m going to miss talking to him.

He’s travelled to China to prepare for a new career step he recently manifested and I celebrate his success. Can’t wait to hear from him next week and hear how everything went!

My MMA with Caryn has a totally different character and we interact less frequently, mostly talking for way over an hour when we do. I’m so amazed and happy for her how her life has evolved through the MK and as we are now both cert. guides coming from different places and personalities there’s never a lack of things to talk about.

Lately two more persons came into my life as MMA partners, Izanna and Jerry, and I’m thrilled to further develop those relationships – Izanna I met on Kauai once, Jerry and I know each other from Skype.

And I’m definitely open to mastermind with more people later on provided there’s mutual benefit.

Now I’d like to encourage You to do two things:

  1. Get Your own first MMA going, wether You are in the Master Key Experience or not
  2. Check out the blogs of my MMA partners, they are amazing people sharing so much value

I just can’t wait to hear how the MMA’s of my tribe members develop and the value they received a year from now – these are exciting times for our members and it is fascinating and rewarding to follow the development from day 1 until now.

Most members have gone from being slightly overwhelmed (some almost shocked) by all the knew stuff added into their lives by the MKE to becoming self directed scholars of the material.

I certainly am proud for being part of the journey You all are on!

Thank You so much for taking the time to visit my blog, please leave a comment below and tell me what You think!

Please share this post with friends and family as well as people who might benefit!

Mahalo, I appreciate You!

Marvelous Master Mind

While going through the MasterKeyExperience we are all encouraged to form a MMA (MasterMindAlliance) for ourselves and our Definiteness of Purpose along the lines with Napoleon Hills definition:
Everyone says that we often value things when we lost them and being on Cyprus now just a few days without my Marvelous Maria really makes that clear for me. As much as I appreciate and respect her wish to visit her father and family, I miss her presence more than I would have imagined.2015-07-17 13.37.41
And there it came to me, in the SIT this morning, we have the perfect MMA configured already, we just need to formally form it together!
Napoleon Hill writes in ”Outwitting the Devil” Chapter 12:
Q Which class of associates has the greatest influence upon one?
A One’s partner in marriage and in the home and one’s associates
in his occupation. After that come close friends and
acquaintances. Casual acquaintances and strangers have but
little influence on one.

It just makes sense to chose one or more of the people closest to us for our Master Mind!

Mr Hill continues:
Q Why does one’s partner in marriage have so great an influence
upon one’s mind?
A Because the relationship of marriage brings people under
the influence of spiritual forces of such weight that they
become dominating forces of the mind.
My wife is also my best friend, my accountability partner, my inspiration and the love of my life and while I miss her when she´s gone, at the same time I´m just overflowing with gratitude having her in my life.
Maria, You´re amazing and You inspire me daily – even when You don´t think You do – life is always lighter with You around!
I love You and look forward to spend the rest of our lives on track with our individual and common plans and purposes!
And to everyone reading this I wish You find Your marvelous MMA!

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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