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What do we consider important?

Sometimes I just stop in my tracks and have to think about what´s really important to me and other people, let me give You an example:

Every now and then I post something on Facebook regarding the environment, this being information on how a large cooperation knowingly poison half of a beautiful, tropical island or how another multinational concern historically developed from the company producing the gas used in the holocaust. Even how these two cooperations plan to merge and how that might not be the best idea for You, me or the rest of the planet…

Usual response here – 1 or 2 likes and maybe a share (if that was from You – Mahalo!!!)

A few weeks ago I cut my hair, going from a pony tail to a rather short hair style. Leaving the shop I took a selfie to send to my wife and later used that 2015-07-08 14.29.44same pic for my profile on Facebook.

Response – 152 likes and over 40 comments in less than 48 hours!

Made me feel like a celebrity :-D, and got me thinking…

How come that a minor change in my personal appearance resulted in so many reactions while facts and circumstances with the capacity to impact our world forever do not?

Is it just easier for most people to take action on minor stuff?
Do the more important  issues overwhelm us?
Or, does everything drown in the never ending flow of information, leaving with us with attention spans only allowing entrance of minor news into our consciousness?

Anyway, right after I started asking myself these questions I saw the video below again and just found it a perfect reflection of the situation.
I´m certainly guilty of being distracted by the outer world and even though the Master Key Experience has helped immensely to focus better and look inside for answers I´m still not at the point I want to be.

Which I´m totally ok with as I have the tools, methods and skills necessary to do something about it, and, thanks to the next course starting late September, anyone can learn them so if You feel that inclination just fill out the form below and be among the first to receive information about the launch!

There´s just nothing like it!

In the meantime please check out the short video below and tell me what You think, ok?

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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