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Week 9 – I am…


I´m whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy!

How fitting isn´t the timing of throwing that affirmation into the mix at this point, I just love the progression of this experience.



Admittedly I´m getting a little bit behind on the exercises, I´m in Stockholm, all my “shapes-Skärmklipp 2014-11-24 22.56.44missing-a-color” are at home on Cyprus and I know that this might slow me down some – or not. Honestly my schedule is just a little bit to filled up this week to go somewhere and get them printed anew and I choose to give myself a bit of a slack here instead.
Maybe I can just hold all the “missing-shapes-and-colors” in my minds eye (yes, visualization improves day by day) and let it be for now.

Talking about happy – I´ve been telling myself that I just stand the weather here because we´re going home to Cyprus on Saturday and that means escaping this climate for quite a few weeks again.
Today I had to admit that I´d been unconsciously lying to myself in this regard, I´m just too occupied creating, manifesting and being happy to be disturbed by something like weather.
As much as I despise lying, especially to myself, this was such a wonderful insight and gave me just another dose of personal social proof that this process works even better than I had hoped for.

I cannot remember a time when I felt so little pressure from myself to get things done and on the other hand I´m amazed at how much I actually am accomplish, seemingly without effort.
And, more importantly, when I try to cramp more stuff into my day than is possible to get away with, I´m now able to take a step back, ask myself what´s important to me and my future and go for that.
Just a wonderful feeling of respons ability instead of overwhelm 😀

Basically I can feel myself turning more and more towards the compass, catching myself ever sooner when I at times get of track and immediately steering back towards the future me I´m creating.
Catching myself slipping and adjusting the course is a case of self defense, defense of my future self, my creation worth every sacrifice. The life I´m born to live and chose to defend by laying down the life I used to default to.

Starting to grasp the bigger picture of thought and how the mechanism really works makes me even more focused and eager to learn more, understand more and be able to utilize my mind to the fullest of it´s immense potential.
Just thinking of how most people, including myself, have been taught to limit the use of their mind to fit into society instead of flower as the incredibly powerful creatures of light and beauty we were meant to be and can choose to set free, motivates me even more to spread the word, be an example and be of greater service in helping people get rid of their concrete.

So let us end this with one of the great defenders of the mind:

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, I appreciate You!