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Finally back on the grid – ready, set, GO!!!

First let me say that this post is really long over due – I just could´t bring myself to write anything after we got back from the hike. It was unexplainable even to myself as I normally have no resistance at all to writing and usually just get it done without any major effort.

So, let´s take this back a step or two!

I´ve been hiking my entire adult life, spending time in nature has always been a sanctuary for me – a way to refresh my soul and charge my being with new energy and all the time I have been feeling very “at home” during my excursions.

The difference this time was threefold (not mentioning having the privilege of sharing the experience with Maria):

  • the length of time spent in nature – almost double as long as any preceding experience
  • for the first time I felt that I was really living the experience, not merely using the break from ordinary life as a means for survival
  • I had been through the Master Key Experience and was more connected with myself than ever before

The good news here are that I enjoyed every bit of the hike more than I can remember ever have enjoyed my previous ones. I wasn´t even annoyed be the uncontrollable things like weather, bugs, etc but rather accepted them and did what I could to be comfortable, using the law of substitution and the law of growth and choose to focus on what was extraordinary wonderful in each situation. And there was plenty ;-)!

We had some absolutely fantastic experiences in the wild, from beautiful hiking days in marvelous weather conditions to the crossing of mountain passes that are only possible under the right conditions. We met quite a few really nice people, though we spent most of the time alone, just the two of us. Conversations came up more sparingly the longer we´d been out there, spending time together, sharing the experience and retreating into our own minds and thoughts seemed to be entirely sufficient and we walked a lot in silence.

Every day was an adventure of sorts, new ground to break, rivers to cross, mountains to climb and weather conditions to handle. Over time our packs became increasingly easier to carry which in turned opened for more challenging trips. At the start Maria´s backpack weighted 28kg (60lbs) and mine 32kg (70lbs), frankly more than just a tad to heavy… Four weeks later Maria´s was at 13kg and mine 18kg, a considerable difference.

And, the best of it all, after virtually spending time together 24/7 for 28 straight days my marvelous wife and I had come even closer to each other and were getting along wonderfully, or better than that, during the entire trip – how´s that for being soul mates?!

And now You´d expect somebody news, right?

Well, there aren´t any – at least not in the sense of the word “bad”! Definitely different, though 😀

Frankly, this trip really messed with my sense of being and I didn´t even notice until we were back in Stockholm. Out there in the wild I experienced a profound sense of
self and natural being, it became obvious that this is the kind of life I am hpeople-say-that-what-were-all-seeking-is-a-meaning-for-life-joseph-campbellard wired for and the cement kept chipping away. On a subconscious level I must have started questioning my entire life style and how dependent I thought I was on being present online, reachable, visible on social media etc and it occurred to me that living takes place in the here, the now and ph
ysically – not then, there and digitally.
Of course I knew that on an intellectual level – now it just hit me emotional


And the result was a pretty serious cultural and emotional shock when I came back, I basically panicked and in many ways withdrew from the world to find ways to cope. Only finding the strength to do a minimun online, like sending out a few emails about the MK launch etc.

As my good friend and mentor Mark J likes to say: “You gotta love irony!”

Here I am after completing the Master Key Experience, studying to be a certified guide and finally coming full circle for my own life. More or less shredding my DMP, questioning my PPN´s and returning to the sit once again with the question “What do I want?”
Just from a slightly different angle – looking not only to design my future life for my future self but also defining what my life needs to look like right now to give myself the best possible circumstances to eddies, evolve and develop my future self.

And that´s were I stand today, rewriting my DMP to include new insights, designing my days to fit my needs and so far I´ve added just a few bullet points to my plan of action:

  • spend an hour or more outside daily, every day
  • schedule time for fun and physical activities between work sessions and keep work short and focused
  • write one post or more every week from my heart

Gratefully looking forward to go through the Master Key once more and that I can serve as a guide to help others take part in the experience. I hope to see You on the webinars and in the alliances, if not this year then one of the following!

Mahalo for visiting my blog, please leave a comment below if You have anything to share!
I appreciate You!

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