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Master Key Week 6 – Picture It

Moving into week 6 we´re starting the more passive and visual input of the progression, let´s hammer our subconscious with the message we want it ot receive!

For weeks now we got used to observe shapes and colors, now it´s time to utilize this new habit and ”the mysterious force that never sleeps” through conscious appropriation of the habits for the benefit of our dreams.

This is done not only by posting the shapes connected to our SMART goals all around the house, but also by using them as centerpieces for creating a movie poster mirroring our DMP and place this where it´s in our line of vision.

How awesome to internalize our dreams into our subconscious minds all during the day and how powerful to do it passively, without conscious action!

Now let´s take this a step further and start really internalizing our DMP into our subconscious minds!

The Subby is all about emotions and the experience of emotions and faith is all about proving through our actions that we really believe. Connecting this means that we start doing stuff that connects Subby to our DMP.

Let me give You an example…

My DMP is a lot about spending time in nature, connecting with the natural world around me and consciously choosing to evade technology. One part of my POA of getting there is to regularly serve my Subby small chunks of this connection, as it can fit into my schedule, to demonstrate my sincerity and faith on this matter. Another example from my DMP is to experience the Napali coast on a paddle board, that´s about 17 miles of wilderness with no streets to land on… How could I convince my Subby that this is a reality if I was´t prepared to SUP regularly and even demonstrate that I can do 5 miles in just about an hour under civilized circumstances?

That´s why I go out camping into the woods on a increasingly regular basis, it does´t mean You have to do that, just think about what You can actually do to trigger Your Subby in the direction of Your dream!

What does the silence mean to You? Is it important to spend time with Yourself? Or is it just about meeting the requirements?

Only You know the answer to these questions and, more importantly, only You know the impact that answer might have on Your life and the loved ones Your life will affect!

Please take these questions with You into the sit:

  1. What do I want (really)?
  2. What would it mean to me to get it?
  3. What would it mean to people close to me?
  4. What would it mean to the world?

Thank You so much for taking the time to visit my blog, please leave a comment below and tell me what You think (honor me and Yourself by providing answers to the questions).

Please share this post with friends and family as well as people who might benefit!

I appreciate You!

Master Key Week 5 – My favorite “fix” is…

A few months ago I wrote a post on the latest take on addiction (You can check that one out here!) and that topic was actualized by last weeks Master Key webinar and really got my head spinning!

Have You ever asked Yourself why You do certain things?
Yes, I mean the things that are not particularly good for us, maybe even potentially get us into trouble or could hurt us!

I certainly have and last week on the plane I watched the movie “What the Bleep do we know”, took a break in the middle, went into a sit and… Drumroll… There it was – the answer!!!

Finally I know which peptides I´ve been addicted to that have served me the worse in during my adult life – not a bad pay of for a few minutes in silence – after a few years of diligent self discovery – ok, call me a slow learner 😉

I´m deeply and habitually addicted to the feeling of getting away with it!

What “it”? You might ask… Any “it”

Some “its” are good, some are bad, some are ugly and some outright destructive, as long as I can get away with “it”, I´m in the game!

Let me give You a little background (yup, might be lengthy – bear with me…):

I don´t know how familiar You are with Dr Taylor Hartman and the Color Code but if You haven´t heard about it, I highly recommend You check it out. Dr Hartman developed a method to determine our core motive, that is what really drives us. There are basically four different kinds of core motives that are represented by the colors red (Power), blue (Intimacy), white (peace)  and yellow (fun) and You can take the free test to determine Your color here!
It takes about 30-40 min and is well worth the time.
Frankly the Color Code contributed to me and my marvelous wife getting married and has done more for my own understanding of myself and my interactions with others than anything else I studied through the years!

On a CD introducing the Color Code system Dr Hartman says something to the regard of (and I´m paraphrasing here):

If You are a red spouse married to a blue spouse and receive a yellow child You know that God is having a good laugh!

I used to make jokes about it not being too much fun for the yellow child either, having been born into that constellation myself.
My father was an extremely controlling red who´s physical challenges with health and inability to feel and be satisfied with his own accomplishments seriously affected the health of his color, my mother is a worry-prone blue who makes the real intimacy she craves impossible to attain due to her generally negative and worry-some approach to life.
And, no, I´m not picking on my parents here, they did their best and I hold them in high regard for that. I have no idea how messed up my life would be if my family had been functional ;-), and, BTW, show me a non-dysfunctional family…

It´s just immensely liberating to know what caused the way I work and function, I don´t know about You, though I think most of us struggle with feelings of “not being enough” or “not being good enough” at some point.
Without being even close to a conspiracy theorist I´m convinced that this is actually (planned or by accident I don´t know…) programmed into our blueprint at an early age.
You know, for example, how the teacher points out what´s “wrong” in a test and doesn´t count the “right” answers, what we like to call “the red pencil syndrome”.

Anyway, knowing that this addiction developed out of a completely logical and actually (at the time) crucial need for survival makes it a lot easier to accept it and even embrace it.

Funny enough,as the insight brings the mechanism behind certain subconscious behaviors into the conscious realm it also makes it possible for “the watchman at the gate” to do his work properly. The power of that addiction on the cellular level can be broken as suddenly I have a choice that I didn´t have while I didn´t know there was a choice to make.
As long as something is driven by subconscious habits that we are not aware of, there´s virtually nothing we can do to break the habit, and this changes the moment we are finally willing and able to observe ourselves enough to become aware of that subconscious habit.

I don´t know if I would ever have been able to see this pattern in myself if not for the exercises I have been (and still am) practicing because of the Master Key Experience. Maybe, maybe not…

What I do know is that I´m filled with gratitude towards the material and especially towards myself for my commitment and dedication to pursue this journey of self discovery.
And I can´t wait for the next layer of self to be revealed to me in the silence that more and more evolves into my “real” reality.

So, what is the favorite “fix” for Your cells?

Want to find out? Join the experience by leaving Your details below, they´re safe with me, I do not need to “get away” with things anymore 😉 !

Mahalo for visiting my blog, please leave a comment below if You have anything to share and tell Your friends if You like this!

I appreciate You!

Master Key – Week 3: Practice the Habit

There´s an old story I read many times and never remember where it originated or where I read/heard it first – I just like it and it so beautifully fits into this weeks Master Key Experience. For me, myself and I anyway…can´t say it´s the same for everyone 😉

As I don´t know where to find it I decided to paraphrase so You just have to bear with me and, if You know the story, please excuse any butchering on my part!

Once upon a time there was a young, promising violinist who was looking for a new teacher to help him develop his talent faster. Several of his peers told him to see an elderly lady with the reputation of advancing her students skills faster than anyone else in her craft.
As the young man called on the teacher she was rather reluctant in taking on any new student and he became increasingly desperate to have her accept him. At last he persuaded her to give him a chance to demonstrate his talent and got a ridiculously complicated and fast piece to play. Performing far below par he was asked to practice the piece for a week and then come back again.
One week later the student appeared at the ladys studio prepared with many hours of practice just to find a completely different, and even harder to play, piece on the note stand. Again he performed clearly below what he expected of himself and was sent home with the same instructions as the week before.
And so it went on for weeks and weeks, every week the student showed up after practicing his homework every waking hour – and every week he got a harder piece to play, a piece just above his current ability.
One day he just couldn´t take “it” anymore, he wanted to show his teacher what a musician he was and being presented with new pieces, all slightly above his ability, every week got him to a point or frustration where he was unable to hold himself back and he exploded during a lesson.
“How can I ever demonstrate my progress when You treat me this way?” he yelled and through the sheets on the floor.
His teacher looked at him calmly, brought out the sheet from his first lesson, that had caused him so much difficulty, and asked him to play.
Stunned the young man set his violin and played the difficult piece with a true virtuosity.”

And what is the connection to the Master Key?

So glad You asked ;-)!!!

This week we were asked to take out the word “will” from the scroll we´re reading and read it in present tense.
Last year I found this quite difficult, even after crossing the word out thoroughly I still mentally (and verbally) continued to read it for some time…

Now i didn´t even have to score out the word “will” or make any changes to the text, I just read by it and make the changes automatically.
Fascinating how the mind got trained almost without myself noticing :-D, and quite encouraging for everyone who sticks with the exercises!

Mahalo for visiting my blog, please leave a comment below if You have anything to share and tell Your friends if You like this!

I appreciate You!