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And finally I´m late…

So, I´m late posting my weekly post after having it out there mostly early and always on time for 26 weeks in a row (and thanks to my wonderful guide, Sandra, for the praise) – the funniest part here being that I actually started the work way early (on Monday) by recording this video:

And between The Marvelous Maria and myself being busy manifesting this part of an earlier DMP – this trip was actually in my first draft for the MK, though I couldn´t be specific enough about it and so I left it out, knowing that somehow it would all turn out right anyway – I experienced a major lack of internet connection.
No matter where we were looking for wifi, it either didn´t connect or was to amazingly slow to be worth dealing with – most of the time I couldn´t even find cell phone coverage.

Which, my friend, of course means that we were far enough “off” to really enjoy peace in nature and amazingly enough (for me, at least…) I wasn´t the slitest stressed out about being late.

The point here, though, is in the picture below of the dreamboard I had on the wall before I even started the MK experience:


And even if I don´t have the equipment to get this finish anyone must admit that a few of the pictures on there:

GrandCanyon_3 GrandCanyon_2 GrandCanyon_1

show the same part of the world as in my album from this trip here.

So, if this was manifested effortlessly just because I had carried these pics in my mind long enough for the subconscious to start attracting them, and if (which I´m convinced of…) the process of going through the MK experience greatly enhanced the speed of their manifestation – it stands to imagine how much faster one can manifest a DMP that actually builds on the right principles AND utilizes the methods taught during the course!

It´s said that “curiosity killed the cat” – won´t You agree that it also brought about most of the goodies we see in the world today?
Will You get curious of what You can manifest?

I hope so 😉 !!!

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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