Week 1 – Commence the Journey

Around this time last year I suddenly realized that I had totally overlooked the invitation for this course due to our move from Sweden to Cyprus. In itself the fulfillment of a dream, leaving the grey, moist and cold winter behind for a friendlier climate, this move was a direct result of the work I put in with Mark & Dave in Go90Grow and I was curious and eager to take the next step with the MKMMA. So I had to deal with the disappointment of missing out that time and now, a year later, it feels so awesome to finally be on the course.

What is especially cool to me is that the first webinar landed on the exact date one year after we sat foot on Cyprus September 28th 2013, it just feels like meant to be that we start this journey on the anniversary of that accomplishment.
It´s with a distinct feeling of both awe and purpose, mixed with a tad of intimidation in face of the greatness that lies ahead. I know that I´ll have to disciplin myself to complete the daily tasks and though this does not come naturally to me I´m getting better every day and I´m looking forward to conquer that old blueprint.

I feel truly blessed and grateful to be part of this experience and I would like to thank each and one of my companions on this journey from the bottom of my heart.
Having experienced and worked with Mark and Dave´s material first half heartedly and then once more all in during the Go90Grow course as well as the life event I know how every part and minute detail works together in delicate synergy to make the desired changes as effortless as humanly possible.

For the duration of this course and the time ahead I promise myself to:

  • proudly complete every requirement
  • minutely observe every challenge, resistance and negativity that might arise in me
  • adjust immediately using the methods given to me throughout the course
  • honor this gift I´m receiving by giving my uttermost effort in the pursuit of the bliss that lies inside me

I always keep my promises // Claes Wallenberg

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