Week 2 – Definiteness in the DMP

Mark J like to say that we need to hear something seven different times, seven different ways from seven different people to finally really “get it”, personally I thing the number “7” is more a metafor for “many” in this case then a fixed scientifically proved number…

sevenOn the other hand, does that really matter?

Anyway, I´ve been very stubborn while working on my DMP to NOT specify dates and timeframes for visiting places etc, always leaving space and room for the universe (or my ego…) to provide something better, brighter ot more timely then my plan.

And, somehow, I´ve always missed that sense of urgency and drive that I expected to drive me towards taking the actions and getting the results I ultimately want.

Everyone says that the DMP needs to be definite, the subby doesn´t understand or act on “murky”, I´ve heard it, read it and heard it once more time and time again. Always applying it to the money part (and I´m not a money-driven guy…) and never to the things that are really important to me. iceberg
And every time it must have been my old blueprint not wanting to change, fighting for survival, making the decision for me (7 seconds before I consciously know I made a decision – there is that number again…) to keep me bound by “the result of past reasoning will”.
So, what changed?

Well, during the webinar last Sunday Davene told a story about her daughter tearing a check (which Dave asked her to do) right through the middle instead at the pierced line, just because this 6 year old child didn´t get exact enough instructions…
Then Davene told us that the subconscious mind need the same accurate instructions and I finally “got it”.Light-Bulb

I don´t know why this made me “get it” and I honestly don´t care –
I cannot even muster some embarrassment for being slow in appropriating this.

Too busy celebrating the new understanding and implementing it in my DMP instead of fighting to have it “my way” ;-)…

Humbled in being corrected I look forward to what will evolve as I get more and more thoughts more and more right!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate You!!!

// Claes

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11 thoughts on “Week 2 – Definiteness in the DMP

  1. izannak

    RIght on!! I”m glad you figured it out!! I”m on my way to find it out as well, slowly but surely. And about to review the webby from Sunday to find some more answers!
    Great job adn great observation, buddy! Nice BDay present :))

  2. courtneyshaheen

    Hi, Claes! I enjoyed reading your blog. I think a lot of people can identify with your story. Personally, I have a strong resistance to authority. BUT if I’m resisting authority, I need to make sure I have my own, inner authority. I’ve put my personal desires on the back burner for many years now (and I DON’T mean the subby), and the DMP has been quite a challenge for me. I look forward to reading more of your posts, and I’d love a lesson on getting blog images over to the side. Ugh!

    1. mkmmaclaes

      Hey Courtney, thanks for reading and commenting – really appreciate!
      Click on the pic in the blog and You´ll see a pen symbol (at least that´s what it looks like on my MAC), click on that and a window will open that allows You to pick a positioning of the pic etc.
      Good luck and keep up Your wonderful blogging ;-)!

  3. cindysmasterkey

    Hey Claus, the famous Claus also from Go90grow! Nice to meet you like this and that I can be more part of your journey. Thank you that I can follow you blog.

    Isn’t it wonderful you got it now! Yes we need to hear it several times, and than BAM! It hits!
    You where ready now to hear and understand it. Great! Looking forward to see what that means for you in the future, what difference its going to make for you.

    1. mkmmaclaes

      Hey Cindy, thanks for reading and commenting!
      Good to get to know another Go90Grow member here in the MK 😉

      This is such a great adventure and I´m so curious to see where it will lead us all, just think about the impact that will occur when several thousand people are working in harmony while all being in contact with their individual Dharma – great stuff!!!

      Mahalo // Claes

  4. marianmasterkeyMarian Balkowski

    Claes, You have very interesting blog including many aspects your inner body. I think you dive in to explore your subconscious mind. Well like on your picture about the 9 out of 10 from the iceberg is still in water. How deep you going to dive?. You doing a great work my friend and reading it I can learn a lot. Keep going and see you in Hawaii.

    1. mkmmaclaes

      Thanks, Marian, for Your kind feedback. Of course I´ll dive under the whole thing before I´m done 😉
      So happy that I can be of some service and help to You and others by sharing what goes thru my mind!

      Looking forward to seeing You again in Kauai and to journey together until then // C


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