Week 26 – And that was it… Or not?

And so we’re arriving at the end of the 26 week journey with the Master Key Experience!
Is it the end?

Well, of course not!!!

I’d rather describe it with a quote from Joseph Campbell:

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

It’s actually up to each and every one of us to decide how to move on and how to use the tools and methods we learned.

Looking back over the past months I’m stoked about how much I gained from this course!

I’ve learned the four habits that lead to persistence, the five habits that provide happiness.
I’ve learned to train myself as an observer of self and others and how to connect with infinite intelligence, the source of all that is, ever has been and ever will be!
I’ve been given the tools to use and share that forever put me in the drivers seat of my life, allowing me to exercise my birthright of living life on my terms from a place of love!
Already during these short six months I’ve had so many experiences that were once just dreams, my self esteem has sky rocketed and fear disappeared.
Does this mean I never get startled or feel uneasy?
Surely not – more important, though, is that there is only confidence for the future, my path and my life. The comforting knowledge that I can handle anything because everything I encounter and experience is, on some level, of my own making and as such perfect – there is a perfect reason for everything, a wonderful law of nature orchestrated by an intelligence that lets us harvest what we have sown, every time!
And, most important, leaves us the ultimate choice if we want to sow the same seed again and again or change our crop to reap a different harvest in the future!

“21. Our environment and the innumerable circumstances and accidents of our lives already exist in the subconscious personality which attracts to itself the mental and physical material which is congenial to its nature. Thus our future being determined from our present, and if there should be apparent injustice in any feature or phase of our personal life, we must look within for the cause, try to discover the mental fact which is responsible for the outward manifestation.
22. It is this truth which makes you “free” and it is the conscious knowledge of this truth which will enable you to overcome every difficulty.
23. The conditions with which you meet in the world without are invariably the result of the conditions obtaining in the world within, therefore it follows with scientific accuracy that by holding the perfect ideal in mind you can bring about ideal conditions in your environment.”
Charles Haanel, “The Master Key System”, Part XXIV

What will your choice be?

I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that you embark on this journey come September and that you get the same fulfillment and enjoyment out of it as I have.

Mahalo for visiting and reading this post, please comment below if You got some thoughts to share, I appreciate You!

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11 thoughts on “Week 26 – And that was it… Or not?

  1. cecilia douglas

    Im so happy too read your lines and see your change that you have been working and searching for all these years I have known you and all I can say is better and better
    Love from your friend

  2. Sandra Owen

    So happy for you and honoured to have met you. I trust we will all move forward as friends and I look forward to following your journey. This is just the beginning. Bravo and Mahalo. Have an absolutely fabulous time in Kauai. Hopefully I will see you there next year 🙂

    1. Claes Wallenberg Post author

      Thanks, Sandra, for all Your kind help and support during this journey!
      Let us talk on the phone when I´m back in Europe, and definitely we´ll meet in Kauai next year if not sooner somewhere else 😉

      Mahalo, I appreciate You!

  3. Trish

    Of course… there’s SO much more to come for you! 🙂 Peace be the journey, Claes. Thank you so much for digging in and doing the work. SO grateful for your willingness to fully engage in this experience and share so openly. Namaste.


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