Who is Claes?

Hi and welcome to this blog!

I´m a 40+ youngster who got entirely sick of the climate after living in Stockholm, Sweden, for 20 years so in September 2012 me and my wife to be, the Marvelous Maria, made the decision to move to Cyprus.
We didn´t have a clue at that time HOW we were going to pull it of, each of us having our own business (physical adress, not online…) in Stockholm, as none of us could take the thought to continue living in Sweden, though, we just moved on and “somehow” everything fell into place.

Shortly before this (in spring of 2012) I got in contact with Mark´s and Dave´s Go90Grow course and started study “Think & Grow Rich” and using it as a manual for my subconscious – though I must admit I didn´t even get close to giving my fullest effort. Still I restarted the course late fall as well as attended the Live Event in Kauai May 2013 together with the Marvelous  Maria – September 28th 2013 we sat foot on Cyprus and have been living in a 2BR apartment in Makenzy since then. Even though we´re traveling to Stockholm every other month or so to meet friends and help our customers, we have improved our quality of life immensely by just scraping the surface of the knowledge available through Mark & Dave.

I so very much look forward to this experience and want to express my gratitude for the chance to continue work with the Januszewskis as well as the team of guides they gathered, many of whom I already know and hold in highest regard!

Mahalo to You all // C

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